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Zodiac Signs Physical Appearance

Zodiac Signs Physical Appearance

Zodiac Signs Physical Appearance

Well! Before this article, I write many articles related to Zodiac signs such as Astrology & Horoscope, Zodiac Signs Beauty trend, Braid styles According to Zodiac Sign, Lipstick Shades and Nail Polish Colors, Zodiac Signs Diet, Best Cocktail and much more related to your Zodiac Signs. After that, I decide why not I write an article related to Zodiac Signs Physical Appearance because everybody must have excitement to knowing about their Physical appearance according to your horoscope. Too many people must have searching related it but don’t get the satisfied reply. But here you didn’t be disappointed and got it a hopeful or complete response related to her search. So let’s carry me and obtain your desire.

First I want to clear that; beauty is not depending on your DNA alone. Indeed, science teaches us that our physical appearance depends on our DNA. However, maybe our DNA prejudiced astrologically strange while it may seem much time. Keep in mind, your Zodiac Sign is also affected by it. So let’s take a look and see how it works!

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Aries – The Ram

Those people who born under this zodiac signs they tend to be lean, tall and athletic. Their body or bones structure tends to be slim and long, especially most prominent bones like legs, hands, and neck. Their eyes can capture your attention because they have intense eyes. Like the ram, there seem to be some elements of challenge in their gaze. While you can’t expect to see a pair of horns protuberant out of an Aries head, one of the greatest Arian tells is a scratch on their face or head. Moles, freckles, and scars are more likely to be damaged as an insignia removed or hidden. They may have red or golden-brown hair or tourist attractions. Both man and woman are diet and yoga exercise sensible. Take a  look at Aries Child personality and characters.

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Taurus – The Bull

Taurus people are those people who just appear stable. They are rich in nature beauty other than all Zodiac Signs. Typically they have a compact and concert body structure, muscular neck and square shoulders. Their legs structure is well shaped and sinewy. Their feet bit wider or longer than their build requires. Their face shape may be rounded lines rather than sharp angles and beautiful or bright skin and white complexion including gorgeous large eyes. Male Taurus can grow a thick and full beard or sport a natural five o’clock shadow. Lady Taurus is likely to take cautions or self-importance in her hair. Both male and female can be exercise and diet sensible. In their middle age they again their weight.

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Gemini – The Twins

Gemini youthful appearance readily attracts everybody because they look too younger in their age. They tend to be tall, but if their born date is closer to start and end of the Taurus Horoscope, they may lean toward plump rather than thin. Their legs and arms bone are extended, and hands tend to appear full or fleshy. They have the wide forehead and high cheekbones – their complexion may be rougher but attractive. In their later life, they may have faced a disappearing hairline. Other than male, the female is disposed to easy-to-read eyes and broader or fuller mouth with well-shaped lips such as Angelina Jolie.

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Cancer – The Crab

Cancer people have very charming and attractive face plus high cheekbones, rounded and curious eyes and the prominent brow. They also have tall and short height with broader chest, small feet, and thin hips. Cancer male has broad shoulders, clear or prominent teeth, and concert jaw line – Cancer female has creamy or radiant skin. They also need to pay attention to their diet.

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Leo – The Lion

Well! I searched for Leo people; every Astrologist writes them – they have incredibly thick and luxurious mane of hair. Their face shapes such as cat-like or an oval structure, wider nose and larger eyes. Both sexes look to have well-proportioned bodies with an athletic build. They are sophisticated, have the great attitude and seem to walk with an air of graciousness.

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Virgo – The Virgin

The physical appearance of Virgo people is as neat and kept as the image they project – have a quiet beauty with the classic look, high foreheads, deep eyes, straight nose and a defined jaw line. The Virgo male is straight and tall – have a large forehead with a high hairline. Some people may have one foot that turns in more than other foot. As compare to male, the female has long legs, soft eyes and mouth and a more pointed chin – including impeccably tutored hair.

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Libra – The Scales

Libra symbol is scale means balanced or equality, and that’s why they like balanced in their life or physical appearance. So here we discuss their appearance – they have very balanced pleasant and features plus smiling face that is likely to have dimples in the cheeks or chin. Libra people naturally have straight teeth, although there may be a space between the front two teeth. Libra female is slim yet curvy, with large eyes and delicate noses with slightly flared nostrils. Libra male has beautiful face look with charming bone assembly and elegant, healthy bodies.

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Scorpio – The Scorpion

The Scorpio tend to have a hypnotic and penetrating eyes, the broad face that sites upon a concert neck and sturdy body structure that can be full. Some of the Scorpio always has graceful and fluid personality. Scorpio male has concert face features that plus thick eyebrows and their legs and arms may be hirsute. They also are disposed to a graceful temperament. Female tend to be well-assembled, slim and compact. They incline to hold their heads down a bit and look up at you with their eyes, stirring a keen sense of anonymous.

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Sagittarius – The Archer

Sagittarius height to be taller than average height plus concert, active and healthy moving – even them not looking most graceful all the time. They have well-shaped heads with the limelight and intelligent eyes – also known as their hand talking habit or anyhow be spirited in the sequence of discussion. Archer male is rather like stallions, often having an unruly mane of hair that likes to fall onto his forehead when young. However, they are prone to baldness in their later age. Usually, Archer female has an oval face with a high forehead and more pointed chin. Both sexes do have to be careful with diet.

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Capricorn – The Goat

Capricorns often have a serious look about them and tend to seem old when they are younger and younger when they are old. Their forehead may be smaller between the shrines, and they are lying to frown lines. This is the additional sign that has to sentinel against gaining annoying weight with the passage of time. The male Capricorn often has a more stocky build with piercing all-pervading eyes. The female Capricorn usually has a small well-shaped body, with tiny ankles and little feet. Both male and female often claim near seamless white teeth.

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Aquarius – The Water Bearer

Usually, the water bearer inclines to be tall with long legs, high forehead, and prominent hips. They have the broad shoulder. Their hair is typically straight, dark and thick – generally, they have bright and shiny eyes. Female Aquarius usually has a larger bone structure and the great neck. On the other hand, Aquarius male is tall with a concert build and a broad forehead and hips. Both sexes are more likely to verve-dark at an earlier age.

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Pisces – The Fish

See that Pisces tend to be small height and build with some extra weight. Their eyes are usually large and compelling. They have the lovely smile and beautiful straight hair. Everybody knows that physically Pisces are the hardest sign as you look like a mixture of all the other zodiac signs. This is the recognized sign of Pisces Horoscope. Pisces male tends to have broad shoulders and heavier jowls and often a weathered appearance to his face – Pisces women have a younger appearance with the killer smile, large eyes, rounded cheeks and fuller face.

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