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Yoga The Meditation

Yoga The Meditation


Yoga is an unusual activity or drill that helps your innermost thoughts, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and calms and relaxes you. Peace of mind is the best thing that you can get from practicing Yoga. In this article, what I am focusing on is the meaning of yoga and its functions.

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What I am aiming for is to convince you to practice Yoga. Doing even at your home is easy. It is related to your mind and soul-your concentration. The training includes breathing process which helps you make your blood circulation fast and ultimately providing maximum oxygen to all parts of your body. It is a type of meditation.

What is Yoga?

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Yoga and its philosophy have its roots in India- about 5,000 years back. Is is a physical (body) and spiritual (soul) discipline which is derived from the word “Yuj”. It is a Sanskrit word which means “Yoke, Join, Unite.” A school of Yoga named defines this term as

“Joining and Integrating of all aspects of the individual – body with mind and mind with soul – to achieve a happy, balanced and useful life.”

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How does yoga work?

Yoga uses the following methods to gain its aims of integrating the body with mind and ultimately mind with soul.

  • Asanas(postures) – Concentration on specific body parts.
  • Pranayama– Breathing techniques

The body

The are numerous poses which are practiced all around the world. Following mentioned below is the famous one:

  • Asanas means postures or poses focuses on specific parts of the body. It helps the person to condition his/her body.
  • Kriyas(actions) – Focuses on the movements which are necessary to pass on the energy up and down the spine.
  • Mudras(seals) – Posture that makes the person hold his/her energy or concentrate awareness.
  • Bandhas(locks) – A technique that holds the muscles contracted to focus awareness.

The mind


Yoga is the unique technique that helps you to open your mind and focus on specific parts of your body. The connection that is developed between you head and the body is internal.

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Savasana, a pose which is practiced in all schools of Yoga is performed by lying down on your back with your eyes closed and letting your complete body sink into the floor. The theme of this practice is not to fight back the thoughts you get but let them get smoothly in and out while the instructor is helping you to focus on how your muscles feel during this process. The aim is to drift into a calm and peaceful state. This is the final posture that is practiced in Yoga sessions before breathing exercises. This method slows the rate of your heartbeat, relaxes your mind and leads you to the deep internal sense of peace.

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For Example

An instructor asking you to let your mind go and body sink into the floor or focus deep inside your spine. This drill helps to keep the connection of mind and body alive which in return helps you not to bother useless tensions in life like worrying about the presentation instead of its preparation.

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The spirit

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Before I tell you anything about this part, I would like to mention the basic technique on which this part is based. Yoga exercises are based on learning the breath controlling techniques which let you develop a relation in between your mind, body, and spirit which in the end merge. The breathing technique that is used is called Pranayamas.


This is the breath-controlling technique used in Yoga. It is the combination of two words. Prana means energy/ life force and Yama says social ethics. It is in your body. Believed that by practicing this technique, you become able to control the energy flow. It also let you focus on your muscles that are working during it.

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