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Yoga and Pregnancy for Normal Baby

Yoga and Pregnancy for Normal Baby

Here is an article I wanted to write for a long time, but I had not yet had the opportunity to do. Knowing I wanted to wait until the end of my wife pregnancy to give you an overview of the practice of yoga during this particular time in the life of a woman.

Two scenarios here: either you are already a regular practitioner, then you will find tips to continue, or you have never done yoga before, I would advise you to start from the second quarter in this case. So as a teacher of Ashtanga yoga practitioner and above all future time of a first baby I’ll give you a personal and professional perspective as much as I could but it’s up to you how you feel and makes attention to your feelings.

Yoga (Ashtanga) and Pregnancy

In Ashtanga yoga and is advised not to practice not during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. But it is the mother of view depending on its condition. If the pregnancy goes well, we can continue with a modified practice to end. The best is always to seek advice from their doctor or gynecologist before practice and be regularly monitored to ensure that everything goes well.

What to Avoid

  • Raising the body temperature. If this happens, take a moment to rest between postures
  • Make twists too intense for obvious reasons (it does not overwrite baby!)
  • Build or exert pressure on the stomach (so it will modify the positions as and as your belly grows)
  • Inversions can only be performed if you had used before pregnancy, taking care of your neck as and as your weight increases
  • The backs bends can be practiced, but as soon as you feel it takes a bit mixed, that means to recover, or you went too far
  • Any exercise or posture requiring an abdominal strain
  • Avoid kriyas and pranayama too intense
  • In general, avoid any positions that you were not doing before pregnancy. We must maintain a practice and not a created (you will have time later!)
  • Finally, do not forget to warn the teacher before the course of your pregnancy

Yoga and Pregnancy

The First Quarter

This is the very beginning! Baby settles, and although small, it will tap into your resources to develop. Imagine going from a cell to a living being, and already five weeks, his little heart will start to beat. He will need the energy to develop his vital organs, the brain, It’s members. These first three months often mean severe fatigue for mothers, but also inconveniences such as morning sickness, headaches, many envy urination (magnifying the uterus presses the bladder), the sore chest.In short, everything falls into place, and it does not feel in top form.

Regarding the practice of yoga, one can read everywhere it is not recommended to be physically active. Because it is a period called “sensitive” or miscarriage is possible. But if you’re used to, and you are careful you can practice. Then, of course, the exit too intense workouts! You avoid the excessive increase in body temperature, prevent shocks, twists, and pressure on the stomach.

Personally, I have practiced a lot of yoga called “restorative” or yin. With accessories: bolsters, blankets, cushions, you can let go and relax his muscles stretching safely. I also practiced some Ashtanga smoothly: suitable sun salutations (no jump) with a moderate pace, and I stood on standing postures avoiding those on the ground.

The Second Quarter

You can feel better! Fatigue usually fades, found his form and the belly is not too bulky. This is the best period of pregnancy. We can now safely provide physical activities a little more support. For my part, I wanted to spend me after the first quarter, and I was limp! And it’s important to keep in shape for the rest of the pregnancy and the baby’s arrival so you can practice safe sun salutations (modified), warrior, and others standing poses as well as relaxation avoiding those mentioned above.

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I remember with pleasure after some of my baby sessions moving well during the relationship. A nice moment for me and him.

The Third Quarter

Arrival at the end, it feels heavier and fatigue is back, but especially that belly gets impressive! Perhaps you feel pain in your back move due to the baby’s weight, heavy legs, etc.

It’s time to take your time and pay attention to you. Prefer floor postures, relaxation, with basin openings to prepare for the big day can keep the sun salutations well if you want to. It depends on how you feel.

Attention because with the approach of birth, your body is more flexible (yes thank you nature!) And you may be tempted to achieve postures that you could not have done before pregnancy. Do not force especially careful not to hurt you.

To Summarize

  • Always consult before, seek the advice of your specialist before starting to practice even if you had used before
  • Trust your feelings as well as to your intuition. Do not force, do what gives you the wellbeing and think of you and your baby.
  • Whatever your choice: practice at home or in class, the benefits are many, do not deprive yourself.
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