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Wear and Cheer’s primary goal is to deliver quality content and to provide the best reviews of daily usage products, as well as the opportunity to share your ideas, practical techniques, tips and tricks to engage readers by sharing your knowledge. We also welcome to write for us on Wear and Cheer, using this simple and easy guideline.

Getting Started

This simple instruction will give you the all necessary information that helps you to get starting of your article. For more instructions, you can read the recently published article on Wear and Cheer. Here we just want to show the quality level that we expect from you.

Possible Writing

We prefer those articles or reviews that you write from your heart. It means your submission should be having your sufficient interests and the reality, honestly facts, and figures. You should write on those topics, on which you’ve grip fully, and you are exciting and want to share your experience or vision with our readers. Your articles should have new ideas and vision, however, after reading a reader must be satisfied, and they should know how you have explained in details. We also prefer you share your real life experiences, skills; mistakes were from you learned a lot and any helpful key points that can help to others by following your successful life. You can freely express your opinions too.

You can write in different categories like cooking, business, technology, traveling & tourism and fashion each category has more than one subcategories. For example, if you have an interest in technology and want to write on this topic, so you can write on mobile apps, automobile, wireless technology, cloud tech, computer hardware, and software, etc. Other than that, if we talk about cooking, you can write different recipes for these subcategories cakes, appetizers, beverages, and pizza, etc.

Your article can be last but not least, be summarizing, and don’t overstate, for example:

You can read the above link having quality content with all necessary details, facts, and figures and a complete method about face mask recipes, so you should keep in mind all the aspects care about in the link while writing your article.

Details about the Process

We want interesting and definite articles that covered the modern industries in every field of life. For writing, time doesn’t matter, but the quality of content is our first preference. We have a dedicated team who help to maintain the high quality of the articles published on Wear and Cheer. These are the central point that will check in your articles. You must follow these key points.

  • The article should not copy paste from the internet, any magazine or books.
  • Article’s minimum length should be 1000 to 1200 words/article.
  • Spell and grammatical mistakes will also be noticed.
  • Unique vocabulary (your content must be built with unique and impressive vocabulary).
  • The best way of writing should be interesting or different.
  • Your article must have proper headings, bullets, and indentations,
  • Infographics, relevant images, graphs, and tables will be plus point for your story.

We won’t expect your article if that doesn’t fulfill our requirements.

Payment Policy

Our all authors get paid for their submitted materials. How much, it depends on bottom three types of articles.

  • One of them; we pay for time and efforts which our authors spend on their writing. The payments depend on the article length and quality, what we received from our sponsors.
  • The second option, if you want to promote your products, and you wish to publish a reviewed article about your products, and then you will write an excellent and complete informative article about your product and will send us to publish on our website. In this situation, you will pay us for sponsored or products reviewed articles. Payments vary from products to products.
  • Third and last one are that you want to promote your products through getting published an article on our website, but you don’t know how to write a product review article, but you want our team to write a review for your products. In is the situation, you will pay us an extra amount of writing as well as publishing products reviews on our website. Payments will also vary to articles and products.

So hurry up and getting started writing with us. Open your laptop, tablet or PC and write for Wear and Cheer. You can pick any option in the above and write the article, and share your experience, mistakes, and products with millions of people at the time. Have Fun! 🙂