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The World’s Top 10 Airlines

The World’s Top 10 Airlines

Best Airlines

The airplane is one the wonderful and convenient invention of a man. It has squeezed the map of the world and has made all the countries, in fact, continents accessible for a person within hours. It is also known as to be the quickest way of traveling no matter how long the distance is.

The airplane is regarded as making the life of a person comfortable, prompt and convenient. Every airline is targeting to be the most easier, comfortable and accessible for every human, no matter where they want to go. In this article, I have mentioned few of the perfect airlines providing the excellent services. If you want to know all this story, read this entire article.

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Cathay Pacific Airways

The top most airline is considered all around the world is to Hong-Kong Airline Company, Cathay Pacific. It was founded in 1946 while today they provide 141 planes along with the connection of 112 destinations. The company says “PEOPLE”- they make the airline. It is the most successful airlines due to their services and features.

Qatar AirwaysBest Airlines

This is ranked to be the second in the airline company. Qatar Airways is World’s 5-stay Airline Company Qatar Airways. It was established in 1993 with its head-quarter in Doha – Qatar. It provides a fleet of 133 aircraft with the connection of 144 destinations all around the world.

Singapore Airlines

Best Airlines

Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947 and is ranked to be the third best airlines in the world. The interesting feature of the company is to be the largest passenger carrier all around the world, and it launched customer of the Airbus A380. It provides a fleet of 105 aircraft and a connection with 62 destinations around the world which is less as compared to others yet it falls on the third number in this category. Singapore Airlines is true “A Great Way TO Fly”.


Best Airlines

At fourth rank, we find Emirates to be the best airline company. It was founded in 1985 while its headquarters is in Dubai. It provides a fleet of 211 aircraft which have the connection with 142 destinations around the world. It is also famous for purchasing 200 aircraft in 2013 alone.

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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines comes at level five in this counting. It was founded in the year 1933 and is honored to be the fourth biggest carrier in the world. It provides a fleet carrying 258 aircraft – Nine Cargo Aircraft and a connection with 257 destinations. According to the features, it offers, Turkish Airlines help you “Widen Your World”.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

At number six in this counting, I prefer to mention All Nippon Airways, which is also known as (ANA). It is the Inspiration of Japan which provides you with a fleet of 202 aircraft taking you to 73 destinations around the world. All Nippon Airways was founded in the year 1952 whereas, its headquarters is in Tokyo – Japan. This company also owns nine Boeing 767-300 as part of their air cargo services.

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Garuda Indonesia

Best Airlines

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It was founded in 1947 while it commenced its operations after two years in 1949. The Airline of Indonesia is in the seventh position in its ranking in best airlines of the world. It provides a fleet made up of 120 aircraft taking you to 35 domestic locations and 21 international destinations. They have their headquarters in Banten – Indonesia.

Asiana Airlines

With providing a fleet consisting of 84 aircraft and 35 more are ordered, The Asiana Airlines was founded in 1988 – 26 years ago. It is honored to be the eighth best airline in the world. It is a South Korean Airline Company with its headquarters situated in Seoul while it carries passengers to 108 destinations around the world.

Etihad Airways

Well, we are about to reach at the end of our list. On ninth, we rank Etihad Airways, which is situated in Abu Dhabi, which connects you to 96 destinations. It provides you with a fleet of 104 aircraft. It has also been awarded 30 different times since its inauguration in 2003.


Best Airlines

These airlines fall on the last of all in the World’s Best Airlines. It was founded in 1953 while started to provide services in 1955. It is a German Airline – Lufthansa which offers a fleet of 282 aircraft connecting you to 215 different destinations. Its tag “NONSTOP YOU” is perfect for the services it provides.

Note Of The Author

I hope you liked the information given in this article. I tried my level best to gather very brief but complete information about the airlines company mentioned above. Enjoy these lavish and comfortable cars. All The Best!

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