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5 Mosques that Converted into Church In Spain

The Muslim Moors feint Spain for a long time and when they left, they left a significant mark on Spanish culture and architecture that can be seen today. In the Muslim ruled period, they made many Islamic buildings, especially related to religious. When they left…

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8 Famous Islamic Scholars

Muslim preachers are successors of the defenders of Islam and the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Islamic scholar or preacher must require deep understanding and great patience of the religion. They are well thought-out to be ones who don’t move away from the path of truth,…

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10 Amazing Mosque Ceilings

Mosque throughout the Muslims world is thinking Holy place where Muslim community comes for the worship. It has some of the superb and intricate architecture ever created by humankind. There are a lot of beautiful Masjids are available in the world that is impossible to…

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13 Masjids That Are Surrounded By Water

Every religion has worship places where they go and worship their God. The worship places also have beauty according to a situation. Today we write about the places of worship, Masjids that also correspond to our cultural heritage and exclusive style of Islamic architecture. There…

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10 Most Beautiful Mosques In The World

Mosque is a holy place where Muslim community comes together and worships their God or offering prayers. Mosques are the excellent instance of Muslims and Islam architecture. Beautiful Masjids are spread all around the world, and Islam has taken its fine art and culture to…

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10 Oldest Mosques In The World

Mosque is a place where Muslims are offering prayers five times a day. Mosque is also known as Masjid, and it is an Arabic word and its means “place of worships.”  Islam is a 2nd liberal religion in the world, so mosques are also built…

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10 Most Attractive Women Lawyers

Multi-million women are working as lawyers in the world. But we are exploring just those lawyers women name that is most attractive. The most attractive women Lawyers list is described below. Which names are taken the place of this list you can see after scroll…

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Top 10 Richest Lawyers in the World

Lawyer primarily a person who practices law as an attorney, solicitor, counselor, and barrister. As an agent working involves the practical application of legal knowledge and theories to solve specific person’s specific problems and take interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services….

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Billionaire Art Museums

If there are anything and one percent attendance of those people who love collecting life real estate, it is beautiful and good art. But some of them are liked to get the treasure behind steel doors; others share their costly troves with the masses. Here…