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Why You Should Prefer an Apple Phone over an Android Phone

Why You Should Prefer an Apple Phone over an Android Phone

In 2016, smartphones have become more popular than ever; the average smartphone provides functionality that surpasses that of a desktop computer. In fact, several people will never use a desktop computer anymore only because their smartphone has brought about versatility. However, we have got two types of phones with two different operating systems i.e. An Apple Phone over an Android Phone.

We have rounded up key reasons why we think, that if you had a choice to choose between the two phones, you should pick an Apple phone- iPhone. Here’s why:

Polished Interface

Although Android tried its best to make its Jelly Bean software presentable, it is still not a match for Apple’s iOS operating system. For example, when typing letters on an iPhone, it auto-suggests suitable words very quickly, compared to Android, which delays doing so. The above scenario suggests one thing- iPhone’s cleaner and neater interface.

Better ecosystem

When it comes to apps, both Android and iPhone have got millions of apps in their app stores i.e. Google Play and Apple App store. Interestingly, when developers are thinking of releasing an app, they always choose the Apple App store over Android store. Several apps just look and work better on iOS than on Android. For instance, some apps have certain features only compatible with the iOS operating system and incompatible with the Android OS.

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More technical functionality

It is a well-known fact that Apple supported phones- iPhones are technically more capable than Android supported phones. Let us suppose that you want to use your iPhone with your car, you will notice that you can enable Bluetooth streaming audio and also get to choose which of your contacts gets connected to Bluetooth, plus if your vehicle is wired to the internet, you can have a smooth two-way communication( Bluetooth plus streaming media).

Incredible camera

The iPhone’s camera is one of the best camera’s you can come across. Its high definition and clarity feature ensure that the result i.e. pictures taken are perfect from every dimension. One of the key features of the iPhone camera is its dynamic range which ensures that pictures taken are high definition and of the best quality, almost akin to painting.

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IOS updates

iPhones have an operating system which we all love. The versatility and ease with which you can update your iOS from older to newer versions are commendable. Android phones, on the other hand, make it a chore to update the jelly bean software which comes pre-installed on every phone. Apart from a few brands like Samsung and Nexus, other Android supported phones do not allow flexibility in software updates.

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Apple pay

Apple iPhone’s have a hard to beat feature i.e. the Apple Pay. Although Android Pay and Samsung Pay services are available too, there can’t match with the Apple Pay feature, which is the most popular tool for mobile transactions. The simplicity with which you can use Apple Pay to make a transaction is a very simple process. All you have to accomplish is to take your iPhone near the Apple Pay terminal, where it will get automatically synced and enable you to make a transaction.

Although Android is trying its best to catch up with or, surpass Apple’s iPhone, it is still far behind and needs to work hard to ensure that Apple phone lovers can consider switching to Android devices. However, from the current trends, we can conclude that Apple remains the leader in innovation and is the first choice for both consumers and developers.

Why do you prefer an Apple phone over an Android? Let us identify in the comments section below.

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