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How to Whiten Teeth With Natural Foods

How to Whiten Teeth With Natural Foods

Whiten Teeth

How to whiten teeth naturally? It’s a common question. Here I will tell you about natural foods; these foods will amazingly help you a lot to make your teeth whitening and attractive naturally without any products. Having white teeth is a symptom of good health, and personal cleanliness of teeth is very necessary for a beautiful smile.

Get Whiter Teeth

Moreover, it is very significant to drink water in all the day.

According to Dr. Timothy Chase, the leading Cosmetic Dentist and Practicing Partner at SmilesNY,

“Not only does water help rinse food particles from the mouth, but it also helps restore the natural PH. Also, water keeps you hydrated, which helps in the production of saliva that keeps the mouth healthy and clean.”

How to Whiten Teeth with Natural Foods

Let’s know about these natural foods that will help you a lot to whiten your teeth.

1. How to Whiten Teeth with Cheese

Greek Cheese Salad

Cheese is just perfect for whitening your teeth naturally. The calcium in cheese creates a film over teeth to save from negative acids of alcohol drinks.

2. How to Whiten Teeth with Strawberries.

Facts about Strawberries nutrition

Strawberries are just amazing for your teeth. High in folic acid, strawberries naturally exfoliate and cleanse the teeth.

3. How to Whiten Teeth with Pineapple.

Pineapple is great for your teeth. The enzyme bromelain in pineapples works as a natural stain remover due to its capability to break up plaque. The bacteria in plaque create acids that can erode the enamel of your teeth and lead to dental caries.

4. How to Whiten Teeth with Crunchy Fruits and Veggies.

Top 7 Reasons to Eat MORE

Apples, carrots, and celery exfoliate the exterior of your teeth naturally; it helps to whiten your teeth by rubbing stains gone.

5. How to Whiten Teeth with Chicken and Eggs.

Egg, Brown and white eggs in bowl

Chicken and eggs are just amazing alkalizing protein choices that support a healthy mouth.

6. How to Whiten Teeth with Nuts.

Dried Fruits and Nuts


Almonds, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseed all have the great healthy effect on the body and are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help in the avoidance of gums problems.

7. How to Whiten Teeth with Stevia.

Dental Care

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Stevia is the only sweetener that not only has an alkalizing effect on your body but is also all natural, as it is derived from the Stevia plant. It also prevents your mouth from bacteria growth.

8. How to Whiten Teeth with Chocolate.

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate is excellent and healthy for your teeth according to many doctors as

Dr. Sivan Finkel, the NYC cosmetic dentist at The Dental Parlour, says that a,

“Chemical found in dark chocolate is not only safer but is also a more practical choice for your teeth than fluoride.”

Moreover, he says that the sweet treat strengthens

“Enamel and ward off tooth decay.”

As studies prove that

“Chocolate is also Effective at fighting cavities and dental plaque in the mouth.”

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