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What The World’s Longest Living People Eat and Avoid

What The World’s Longest Living People Eat and Avoid

What The World’s Longest Living People Eat and Avoid

Do you want to live a longer life? Obviously, you want to lead longer and happier life, but how you live long as you want. Here I will tell my readers the best secret of leading a longer healthier life by telling the blue zones people history that is the world’s longest living people.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones is a thought used to recognize the geographic region of the earth Where people live obviously longer lives because of healthy eating’s and good habits.

People live abnormally long in blue zones area. Earliest it was recognized by Dan Buettner throughout in his work with National Geographic, they researched on Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Ikaria, Greece areas.

Buettner explained the secrets of these populations in his first book, The Blue Zones, secrets of their longest living and to existing and booming. Now, his second book, The Blue Zones Solution, looks exclusive that how the world’s longest living people eat.

Particularly Buettner talk about the people Ikaria, Greece of— Buettner’s preferred inhabitants.

Blue Zones people secret diets

“When he talks about their diet, they have three secret things.


 world’s longest living people

Ninety percent of their calories got from plants, they eat plant herbs, these herbs make them healthy and   world’s longest living people

Multifaceted carbs

 world’s longest living people

65 percent of their eating is multifaceted carbs; these are very healthy eatables which make these blue zones world’s longest living people


 world’s longest living people

And the third item — and this is a supplement that everyone eats and buy — are beans. A cup of beans a day for long life and becoming world’s longest living people.

Buettner describes beans — a tack in all the Zone populations’ eatables — may put extra three to four years to a person’s life. “They don’t eat the unhealthful proteins, they’re enormous and reasonable, and they set up the plants for healthy digestion,”

When he talk about beans, a diet that decreases death rates, seems to have other fundamentals: meat just about five times a month, less cow dairy, a handful of nuts in a day (to add two or three years to your life), and obviously they don’t drink soda water.

Of course, their eating is not just about the foodstuff. “Most of the lessons to their long life engage the vital significance of having the correct social network,” Buettner says. “It’s three to four other people who are in taking good eatables, so you’re not going over to their home all the time “and wrecking your diet.

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Buettner’s finding of the Blue Zones wasn’t effortless. It all began when he landed his first project at National Geographic: he says. “I had an editor at National Geographic, who said expeditions always required to add to the body of information,” “One of the mysteries in the year 2000 was why the Okinawa citizens had the longest, healthiest lives around the globe.”

There are five Blue Zones:

  • Okinawa
  • Japan
  • Sardinia
  • Italy
  • Loma Linda
  • California
  • Nicoya Peninsula
  • Costa Rica
  • and Ikaria Greece


There was more to find out about long life, outside the people of Okinawa. In November 2005, he penned the magazine’s cover story, “Secrets of long life,” based on his investigation into Blue Zones. But it wasn’t effortless to find out these areas,

“We had to reverse-engineer,” Buettner explains “Only 20 percent of how long we live is in our genes; 80 percent is the atmosphere. What’s occurring here?”

So Buettner’s group dug into the statistics. “We used long life as a substitute,” he explains. “We looked at how many were born at an agreed spot in time, and how many in that spot had died. Then just the once you discover those with the longest life spans, what’s going on in these populations? What are they eating, how do they work out, is their religion concerned, and are they meticulous?” The list goes on.

In adding up food, Buettner originates one more big top secret to living long: Having an intelligence of purpose: “It’s not rather we usually talk about, as no one makes money off it, but a terminology for the idea is necessary,” he says. “Researches show people who eloquent reason live eight to 10 years longer, and have half the rates of dementia.”

Why should you listen to lessons pouring out of the Blue Zones? They’re time-tested, says Buettner. “You can’t just look at relatives, or one person,” he says — you have to look at what an inhabitant has been doing for decades.


I have told you blue zones people history that is the world’s longest living people. What is your favorite secret regarding a better and healthier life; share your experience with us? Thank you. Have an individual health story to share? Want to know it. 

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