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What is Insulin?

What is Insulin?


When I was not aware of diabetes and insulin, then I have seen many men and women who are the patient of diabetes and taking insulin injections to regulate their blood sugar level. Now I have complete information about diabetes and insulin, and now I want to tell you about insulin.

Insulin is hormones in our body that are produced by an organ called pancreas. If your pancreas is working properly, then it means that there is enough insulin-producing in your body.

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What is the purpose of insulin?

When you eat something like the apple, bread or any other food, then it converts intro sugar and glucose and the sugar level increase in our body, but the pancreas takes out sugar from your blood and maintains it on the point on average blood sugar level that is 100 to 180. And then your cell use the sugar and glucose for proper nourishment, growth, and energy.

What happen with glucose that pancreas takes out from the blood?

Checking blood Sugar Level

  • First of all the glucose enter into the cell of the body for growth and nourishment.
  • Glucose stored as energy to perform different tasks of our daily life.
  • The sugar stores in your liver as glycogen and muscles for future use.
  • And finally, sugar also convert into fat if you have low potassium level in the body.

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Insulin and type 1 diabetes

In type 1 diabetes your body is not producing enough insulin. When there is not enough insulin, then extra sugar cannot be taken out from the blood. Also, the glucose cannot be use for the nourishment of the cell. In simple words, insulin is the key that can open the lock of the cell to use glucose.

Insulin and type 2 diabetes

In type 2 diabetes your body is producing insulin, but your cell cannot use it. Your body cell always resisted insulin. In simple words, the cell is locked

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How can I tell my body to produce more insulin?


If you want that, your body produces proper and enough insulin for your body then you should be careful and follow these habits

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