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What Does Travel Insurance Really Cover

What Does Travel Insurance Really Cover

What does travel insurance cover

In current years, hundreds and thousands of holidaymakers travel plans have canceled because of different reasons including snow, strikes,and volcanic ash clouds.

A lot of people were left grounded and turned to their travel insurance provider in the hope of reimbursement. But what are passengers’ rights if they have been affected by an event that is out of their control? What does your travel insurance cover?

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 In the first order holidaymakers who practice delays, cancellation and costs as a result of such an event will require contacting the airline provider. They will typically offer another flight and, where cancellations have occurred, alternative dates for your trip.

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Compensation for Delay and Cancellation

If your flight delayed, because of particular events such as strikes, unpleasant weather and mechanical defects some insurers will pay reimbursement through individual claims are comparatively small. Policies offer payouts for travel delays of classically only around £25 for every 12-hour delay, up to a maximum of around £250 to £300.

Some policies will pay out if delay forces you to stop your trip following a delayed flight – check the policy print to see what cover you have.

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In the case of a volcanic ash cloud, whether you covered depends on your insurer. While volcanic eruptions are not an insured event in the majority travel policies, some insurers make payments for delay and annulment on a goodwill basis or treat such an event as the unpleasant weather. Check with your travel insurer on its situation.

Accommodation Costs

If a traveler has a flight canceled and he is repayment from the airline, but still has accommodation that they can’t stop or use, these claims can be considered under travel delay leading to trip abandonment. But you will require giving written positive evidence to support any claims where it is rational to request such evidence, so make certain to keep receipts.

Of course, if your airline has offered to pay for accommodation the travel insurer will not do so also. If it has not, you may be capable of making a claim – again it depends on your insurer.

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If you’re eager to claim on your travel insurance for expenses accrued while stranded abroad due to a volcanic eruption you’re expected to be out of pocket – most insurance providers are refusing to cover these costs.

Insurers claim it is the responsibility of airlines to pay for bed and board for stranded passengers. Unluckily in most cases, these people will not be capable of maintaining any shortfall from their travel insurer.

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Exclusions in the Small Print

Usually, travel insurance covers a large range of risks, including medical treatment expenses, loss of property, delay and curtailment. Though, be careful of the fine print as insurers will expect you to take reasonable care – so for instance, if you leave belongings unattended, then they may not be covered if they are lost or stolen.

Also, be careful of boozing on holiday. If you are intoxicated – which defined as anything over the UK legal limit – your claim will not be covered if, say, you cheated or injured.

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Making a Complaint

Lastly, if you have exhausted your insurance company’s complaints procedure and still imagine you have treated badly, you could take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

It will judge claims on a case-by-case basis as policies are all worded in a different way. The FOS will look at issues including the workings of individual policies, and a person’s situations when they took out the policy.

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