Dance is the great hobby and career in America especially dancing with a star is just incredible entertainment and enjoyment with the competition. On Thursday, ABC declared the latest new round of star participatory for the 19th season of Dancing With the Stars, and we’re previously betting that who will come first. To make everything easy and simple, we’ve searched out this year’s cast by type (the athlete, the curveball, etc.) and utilized our skilled DWTS information to not only know that who will succeed but also try to estimate when people will get selected off. Not to show off, but our guess from last year was pretty much exactly right. Keep reading for our analysis of this year’s cast. Let’s know that who will win Dancing with the Stars.

The Nostalgia Contestants

  • Who: Tommy Chong, Alfonso Ribeiro (pictured), Lea Thompson
  • How It Will Play Out: Nostalgia contestants occasionally gone to the house with the great award. (The only nostalgia champion is Jennifer Grey, who succeeded during the Fall 2010 term.) Though, a lot of the stars utilize the show as an approach to relaunching them into the free ball. If there’s one thing that is for sure, it’s that DWTS is a fine way to revitalize a profession.
  • Prediction: Unless Lea and Tommy have hard moves, Alfonso will be probable last the longest out of the three. If he can join the right quantity of attraction and dance moves, he will possibly make it to the semifinals.

The Athletes

  • Who: Lolo Jones (pictured), Randy Couture, Michael Waltrip
  • How It Will Play Out: Athletes — Olympians in particular — be liable to do very fine on DWTS, thanks to their human capability and attention on winning the Mirror Ball prize. (Entirety Seven athletes have got the grand prize in seasons past, with the most current win going to ice dancer Meryl Davis.) Though, while Olympians normally do good on the show, non-Olympian athletes don’t usually do good, particularly if they aren’t football players. This will make things tough on MMA fighter Randy Couture and NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip.
  • Prediction: excepting some freakishly offensive dancing abilities, this game is Lolo’s to lose. The audience will also probably love her fun personality (which has previously won her fans on Twitter), and her devotion to Christian morals will likely be a hit with the show’s devastatingly traditional fan base.

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The Curveballs

Dancing With the Stars

  • Who: Bethany Mota, Betsey Johnson (pictured), Tavis Smiley
  • How It Will Play Out: While contestants on DWTS be liable to be anything but A-listers, the show likes sometimes to join things up with a curveball contestant — the kind of star who isn’t a household name or whose participation leaves you scratching your head. Though, excepting the marvelous succeed from motivational speaker J.R. Martinez during the show’s Fall 2011 season, they infrequently get a possibility to take house the great award. This is more about giving their careers an improvement or fulfilling a lifetime dream.
  • Prediction: Betsey is debatably the most familiar name of the three, so she will likely fare the most excellent. Plus, she is paired with fan much loved Tony Dovolani, who will probably mesh well with her charming personality. Optimistically she can break out some hard moves, like the splits she showcased above! On another note, Tavis will perhaps go first. (Sorry, dude.)

The Hotties

Dancing With the Stars

  • Who: Janel Parrish (pictured), Jonathan Bennett
  • How It Will Play Out: While DWTS isn’t bashful about showcasing eye candy, the young, attractive star contestants infrequently come out at the peak. (The exceptions being perhaps Winter 2006’s Drew Lachey, Spring 2010’s Nicole Scherzinger, and Fall 2012’s Melissa Rycroft.) In current years, the hot celebrities have had to show that they are more than attractive features, and bearing in mind that both Jonathan and Janel are more familiar to people under the age of 35 — and thus resolutely outside DWTS‘s target audience — their journeys will be an uphill battle.
  • Prediction: Both of these superstars have to locate a storyline that will request to the wider DWTS viewers if they expect to make it into the semifinals. (See Fall 2013 winner Amber Riley, who worked hard to show immense improvement over the course of the show.) Jonathan may have an easier possibility of creating this story, as he’s been out of the public eye for a while and everybody loves a good comeback story.

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The Typical DWTS Contestants

  • Who: Antonio Sabato Jr., Sadie Robertson (pictured)
  • How It Will Play Out: These superstars both fill two categories that appeal to the core DWTS viewers — soap opera star (Antonio) and traditional (Sadie Robertson). As we’ve observed in the past with Kelly Monaco, Gilles Marini, and William Levy, Soap Opera Nation loves to rally in support of one of its own. Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie will likely have an easy time drawing support from her family’s conservative fan base, at least, when it comes to drumming up original votes.
  • Prediction: While these two may look like positive selection for DWTS, they still have to show themselves where it counts — on the dance floor. Sadie has the benefit of age to make her more of a natural dancer optimistically, but Antonio could surprise us here. Don’t be amazed if one of these contestants ends up in the final three.