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Vodka Mint Lemonade

Vodka Mint Lemonade

Vodka mint lemonade

Vodka mint lemonade is the easiest, and tasty summer drink. In the Spanish language, we call limonada. Regarding the weather we use lime or lemon to make the vodka mint lemonade. Vodka mint lemonade is the best summer refreshing, and it is made with limes or lemons (as you like), sugar, honey and fresh mint, ice, and vodka to taste. This vodka mint can be done quickly and easily, and it is ready within only 10 minutes or less than 10 minutes.

Vodka lemonade cocktail is very delicious and healthy drink for us. As mentioned vodka lemonade recipe, it’s so easy and efficient since you use the whole lemon or lime.  This is the only drink must be consumed immediately. So while, you can’t  save it ahead of time. You can have mint leaves washed, and lime quartered and ready to go. So that it readies just a quick throw in blender preparation.

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For the sweetness of vodka mint lemonade you use honey, sugar, simple syrup or you like, regulate to how sweet you want.

Health Benefits of Vodka

Tasty Vodka mint lemonade

Vodka is a popular beverage which is composed of ethanol and water. Vodka is distributed in various colors and flavors. Vodka is used for the preparation of the different variety of traditional cocktails such as vodka martini, vodka tonic, and bloody Mary.

Advance preparation of vodka usually aimed at maintaining an alcoholic value of 40 % by volume. Different % of the alcoholic is used in vodka in a different state. The European vodka maintains a 37.5 % alcoholic and all the sold vodka in the U.S maintain minimum 30 % alcoholic by volume.

  • Vodka is helping us to reduce the stress factor in the body and more efficient than other drinks such as red wine.
  • Vodka is also used for a toothache. The swishing little amount of vodka may reduce the ache of your tooth. If you apply the short amount of vodka in the gums may lessen the pain in the affected area.
  • Vodka is also used other things such as cleaning agent and dry cleaning. Vodka is used in the beauty aid, and it works wonderfully well on the skin and helps cleanse the pores.

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Serve: 8 to 10

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  • 8 cups of cold water
  • 4 limes or lemons, quartered and any seeds removed
  • Leaves from 1 medium sized bunch of mints
  • 8 to 16 cups vodka, about 1 to 2 cups, or to taste
  • Lime or lemon slices to garnish
  • Ice cubes
  • ½ -3/4 cup honey, sugar or syrup for sweetness


Cool Vodka mint lemonade

Add the lime or lemon quartered in the blender with 2 cups of water sugar or honey, some cubes of ice and half leaves of mint. Blend until lime or lemon is whisk together well, the mixture should be slightly foamy with a whitish color. Strain the mixture through a good strainer and add the rest of 6 cups water through the strainer.

Stir the vodka well. And allow the guests to add the vodka according to their choice. Dress the vodka mint with mint leaves and lemon or lime slice. Serve and enjoy!

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