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Visit Thailand Myths and Reality Things You Can’t Believe

Visit Thailand Myths and Reality Things You Can’t Believe

Visit Thailand

If you want to go after the halfway across the world to Thailand may seem discouraging at first. Because it is an exotic land, customs, and entirely newly culture – you are not used to. A lot of things you heard and read about Thailand are not probably right. If you visit Thailand, you will find different things from paranoia over ice cubes, to outdated prejudices portraying Bankok as just a big city of sins. You will see the naked ladies where to go in Thailand. We set the story straight by dispelling these 10 myths about Thailand.

Visit Thailand Myths and Reality Things You Can’t Believe

1- Ice will Make you Sick

Ice Visit Thailand

Whether you are enjoying an expensive iced coffee in Starbucks or swallow chilled water in a rough-looking opportunity food seller down a back alley. Then, your chances of getting sick from ice are about zero. All bars, shops, and restaurants in Thailand order their ice from security vendors and all made from clean and healthy water.

2- All Thais are Poor

Thai is Poor Visit Thailand

The second myth about Thailand is that here is most people are deficient because it is a developing country with low wages and poorness still in the state. But, people don’t ride on elephants to return to work anymore. The middle-class population continues to change year after year, luxury dwelling open up on a monthly groundwork, more cars choke off the roads every day.

3- Brand Items are all Fake

Brand Fake Visit Thailand

If you are jumble through an agglomerate of 1,000-baht Louis Vuitton bags distributed over the floor of a night market. They are going to be copied. The assertion that all brand items in Thailand are the bastard is a complete myth about it. There are numbers of malls across the country that are selling the real agreement of things.

4- Thailand is very Unsafe

Unsafe Visit Thailand

It is a very safe country for everyone especially for women traveling solo. Thai people are welcoming respectively and generally nonviolent towards visitors. The biggest concerns are cheated in touristy areas, such as acquiring charged much more than one should and law-breaking of chance, like petty thefts.

5- You will Live in a Bamboo Hut with Dirt Floors

Homes made from Plastic Bottles

It is not true Thailand is having dodgy living accommodations. Thailand offers the same amenities of Western countries. A lot of advanced options available in the Thailand city.

6- Cocktail Buckets Contain Amphetamines

Cocktail Buckets Visit Thailand

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Cocktail Buckets Contain Amphetamines is a myth, which is started on the Thai islands and spread the finished word of mouth crosswise the Southeast Asian carry trail. More, this potent mix of coke, whiskey, and energy drink might make you feel like you have ingested something illegal. The old story of Thai Red Bull comprises amphetamines not true and ever has been. But these buckets are loaded with sugar, taurine, alcohol, caffeine, and a complete list of other cumulative. That might explain the delusional regime you will be in after ending two of them.

7- All Single Guys are Here for One Thing only

All Single Guys Visit Thailand

Actually, Thailand has a bad reputation for the sex tourism, but the idea that all guys come here for one thing only is not all but a myth. The capital city of Thailand Bangkok especially is a global city and full of multi international companies hiring expats and schools in the status of native English teachers.But the thriving shopping, dining, and nightlife scene in the capital have been gradually suppressing Thailand’s old, sleazy side for years.

8- All Thai Food is Spicy

Thai Food Spicy Visit Thailand

Don’t sit down for high tea daily like British a don’t exclusively live off raw fish like Japanese, eating Thai spicy food. The most famous Thai dishes like chicken over rice, noodle soups, pad thai, and fried rice are all mild with chili added to taste after they serve. The most sensitive palate should beware with soam tam, nam tok, and tom yam kung.

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