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How To Use Artificial Eyelashes

How To Use Artificial Eyelashes

Use of Eye Lashes


We can find the roots of artificial eyelashes in 1970’s. They are also known as false eyelashes. They are found in different length and width which make you look perfect according to the occasion. You may and a little spice to your eyes for a special night or jazz up during the day.

Now, the major issue comes is the procedure. Most of the women are unable or unaware of the way of applying them. The best way is to give yourself a lot of chances to use, and you will become perfect at using them.

This is how you can apply these false lashes and make them look natural:

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You Need

  • You required strip lashes
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors (You can use small manicure scissors)
  • Q-tips
  • DUO lash adhesive
  • Mirror
  • Mascara
  • Clean Fingers

The Kre at Beauty Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

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1. Remove one of the lashes from the tray when you are going to apply by rolling your thumb over it. It will help to keep its curve maintained.

2. Measure the length of the lash by putting it your eye. Remember to put it without glue. Cut the excessive part from the corner.

3. Take a DUO-lash adhesive. Apply a small amount of glue to the silicone band.

4. Let it set for about forty seconds.

5. Place the lash correctly on your original one, starting from the outside corner and following to the inside.

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6. With the help of tweezers, push the lash into the lash line gently so there should not be any separation left. You can also apply a thin line on the margins for completely remove the touch of false lashes.

Thick Long Eyelashes

7. Use the lash curler to curl your lashes and add such a dramatic touch.

8. End up by applying mascara to your lashes. Use less mascara to let the lashes stay longer in use.

Enjoy the amazing way of using eye-lashes. Make sure you give yourself a chance to apply the procedure to your eyes and give a unique add distinctive look to yourself.

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