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Usage of Mannequins in Organised Apparel Store

Usage of Mannequins in Organised Apparel Store



A mannequin (also called a manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form) is a usually articulated doll employed by artists, tailors, dressmakers, window dressers and others mainly to show or match vesture. The term is also used for full-size dolls with simulated airways utilized in the teaching of aid, CPR, and advanced airway management skills such as the tracheal introduction and for human figures employed in the theoretical account to model the behavior of the character. During the Nineteen Fifties, mannequins were used in nuclear tests to show the results of nuclear weapons in humans.

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had nonheritable the that means “an artist’s articulated model.” Which in flip came from the Flemish word Manneken, meaning “little man, figurine” In early use in the UK, it referred to fashion models themselves, the meaning of a dummy chemical analysis from the begin of warfare II.

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mannequins style
Shop mannequins area unit derived from dress forms used by way homes for dress creating. The use of mannequins originated within the 15th century when miniature “milliners’ mannequins” were used to demonstrate trends for patrons. Full-scale, wickerwork mannequins came into use in the mid-18th century. Wirework mannequins were factory-made in Paris from 1835.

In this competitive world attracting customers is the main focus for companies in the apparel sector. Nowadays due to the emergence of e-commerce, brick and mortar companies are facing a lot of challenge to attract customers. From this study basically, I want to know how the company uses mannequins to attract customers.

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Visual Merchandising plays one of the key roles in attracting customers which lead to the increase in sales. Mannequin is the German word which means “Little Man.” It is simply a dummy which plays a major role in visual merchandising. The usage of Mannequins started back in 13 the Century, but there is no proper proof of that, it is shown in history that earlier mannequins were used as toys and for other purposes. Around 1932, in France apparel, retail stores started using Mannequins to attract customers. It was the first time that mannequins were used in an apparel store. Later on, various innovations on color and sizes of Mannequins were done. The main purpose to use dummies was to highlight the unique collections of the warehouse, display latest trends present in the store and sometimes it helps in upselling.

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Shop window with mannequins

In a street or malls, there are various apparel stores situated. The first attraction for customers happens through mannequins. Suppose I went to MacDonald’s located at E-Square, Pune for eating with no intention of buying any clothes. But when I saw mannequin located at the entrance gate I was attracted by it; I thought something new has come, and I went to the shop and checked few clothes and end up buying something. It is known as impulse buying Behaviour. I have no intention of buying but due to the mannequin, I brought something. Sometimes it also happens that you are in a retail store, and you have selected one shirt of Rs 1199. But then you see one mannequin, and you think that shirt on the mannequin is much better than shirt which you have selected, and it will give you much better look, and you end up buying that shirt. The price of that shirt is Rs 1599; you spend 400 more to buy that shirt this is known as upselling.

Mannequins help us for gifting purposes also. Companies change clothes on Mannequins frequently to attract customers. Realistic Mannequins are used by the companies because it gives us the better sense of fitting, color coordination, etc. E-commerce companies are also using mannequins to attract customers. Different color of mannequins is also used by corporations to give customers better feel. Sports apparel uses different pose mannequin so that customer can relate better to it.

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Thesis Statement

After reading on the topic and doing little bit survey work on how mannequins are used in the organized retail outlet, I learned that companies use various strategy to attract customers through mannequins, but there are still lots of areas where the company can innovate to increase its usage.

Best representation of mannequins


It is a modern era business needs to innovate fast to be in the market so various new strategy companies should adopt to attract customers. Mannequins for senior citizens should also be made because senior citizens don’t want to try a lot, so if proper realistic mannequin is there, they will feel comfortable to relate from it. Various types of mannequins should be there because most of us don’t fall under standard size so different sizes will give us more freedom to relate. If we use the live model to showcase our clothes sometimes it happens that viewers attraction goes more towards model rather than clothes itself, so with the usage of mannequins we can make sure that our customer just focuses on materials. Mannequins also give better feeling than the poster because in this we can physically touch clothes and can relate to size better. So with the evolving technology efficient usage of mannequins can lead better result and for Brick and Mortar Company this should be used effectively to differentiate it from e-commerce.

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