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Unlikely Celebrity Couples

Unlikely Celebrity Couples

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We really like our all celebrities and their couples also. But some celebrities are not eye-catching for us we don’t like these Celebs,  From Tom Cruise and Cher to Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, some celebrity couples don’t always look good for us.  Unlikely celebrity couples are listed below, Check out these surprising celebrity romances.

1. Kat Dennings and Josh Groban

Unlikely celebrity couples

When the stunning, hot and surprising new couple walked jointly onto the red carpet in October 2014, many were amazed by this couple. Lead singer Groban, who earlier dated Mad Men performer January Jones, told Entertainment Tonight,I do have such a lovely date tonight,” calling the 2 Broke Girls star his girlfriend. They are very happy together but not eye catching for us.

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2. Julie Bowen and David Spade

David Spade and Julie Bowen

Very hot couple no doubt looks good but surprising for us, finally, it’s a happy couple. Claire Dunphy and Dennis Finch?! Back in 2002 Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and David Spade dated for about a year. Now she’s cheerfully wedded with three children, both on-camera and off.

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3. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Unlikely celebrity couple

After affairs with actors Tate Donovan, Matthew McConaughey, and RyanGosling, Sandra Bullock really surprised us when she wedded well-known motorcycle builder Jesse James in 2005. The hot and happy couple attended public functions jointly for years, as well as the 2010 Oscars when Bullock took home the Best performer award for her role in The Blind Side. Soon after, news of James’ surprisingly came out and the couple separated, leaving Bullock to raise her adopted son Louis as a single parent.

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4. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

Very gorgeous Christina Hendricks’ wavy figure has made her into a sex sign ever, since her role as Joan Harris on Mad Men, which her actor husband since 2009 Geoffrey Arend, thinks is humorous. “It’s extremely pleasing and shocking, and I didn’t suppose for a second when I started Mad Men that people would talk about me as being sexy or a hero,” she told Cosmopolitan UK in 2012. “My husband has a good laugh about it, of course.” couple is leading happy life.

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5. Cher Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

50th Anniversary of 'West Side Story' Hand & Footprint Ceremony (USA ONLY)

Couple has great age difference, Batman! In spite of being 19 years his junior, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star   Amber Tamblyn joined the knot with comic David Cross in 2012 while wearing a marigold yellow costume. she told Us Weekly in 2012 “There’s nothing actually conventional about me,”.

6. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Very dashing and hot Lady Gaga actually found her buddy, she is recognized for her top costumes and wild on-stage actions, but she found a comparatively normal match in hunky Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney. In spite of being a dominant and strong lady, Gaga said she’s obedient in her relationship. “He’s completely in charge. I mean to say, when I am at house, I am like, shoes are off, I’m making dinner for him. He has a profession, too, and he is really busy!” she told SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up in March 2014

7. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Many of the people name Cameron Diaz to be a woman of tranquil nature, as others name her a civil and welcoming woman. at all her titles and nicknames may be, we can not ignore the fact that Cameron is a well-known, well versed and beautiful actresses of USA.Us inveterate the performer and Good Charlotte rocker were dating in May 2014, and they stepped out holding hands in NYC. The couple’s communal mutual connection is good. Nicole Richie. “She’s happy to have someone to do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff with,” a source told us. “They’re both diving straight in.”

8. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent

Handler said” He’s my sweet love and he’s so handsome and cute,” Handler told Oprah Winfrey of her rapper ex, whom she was disinclined to cozy up to. “It wasn’t the most sober relationship. He came on my show in 2010 and he sent me flowers. And I was like, ‘I’m not gonna date somebody whose name is a number.But now they are happy.

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9. Tom Cruise and Cher

Tom Cruise and Cher

Very hot Cher really likes her guy very much. He is attractive hot and heavy for a little minute. He’s a stunning guy,” Cher has said of her early ’80s ex, ranked by the “Woman’s World” songster as one of her top five lovers. “The person that I knew was a great and adorable man.

 10. Justin Timberlake and Fergie

2013 Time 100 Gala - Arrivals

No doubt this Couple looks good but unlikely for many of us.Timberlake wedded Jessica Biel and Fergie welcomed her first kid with Josh Duhamel, the musicians dated one another while Fergie’s girl group Wild Orchid toured with ‘N Sync. “He was 16 and I was 23,” Fergie told Australia’s Courier Mail. “It was before he got real heavy with Britney Spears.”

11. Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was great singer we know. In 1984, the performer was the late singer’s date to the Grammy Awards. He wrote about their dreamy romantic attachment in his 1988 life story, but Shields claimed they were just good friends. “We grew up jointly,” she told the AP. “He trusts me.”

 12. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Couple has great age difference that’s why unlikely. Although the former Full House performer and good is 17 years junior to him, she said yes to the once-wed millionaire Sarkozy in February 2014. “He tried about a year before, and she wasn’t ready,” an insider told us at the time. “She didn’t need to be wined and dined. She wanted to make certain he would be fine and very good to her.”

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 13. LeAnn Rimes and Tiger Woods

LeAnn Rimes and Tiger Woods

At present connected to skier Lindsey Vonn, Woods earlier romanced the blonde country star. “They were passionate and hooked up everything,” a source told us of the golfer and Rimes, now wedded to Eddie Cibrian. “Tiger was really interested into her. He likes those blondes!” Rimes’ father is said to have protested their relationship because Woods was seven years her elder.

14. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

This couple has great age difference. After two years and one broken engagement later, Playboy creator Hefner his 60 years younger and very cute girlfriend made it representative in a New Year’s Eve marriage ceremony at the Playboy mansion in 2012. Harris told us. “The time away really helped make me realize that where I’m meant to be is here with Hef.”couple is unlikely because of great age difference.

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 15. Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler

Brandi Glanville and Gerard Butler

Couple is happy but unlikely for many of us.” Butler said to Howard Stern of his toss with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, it was a one-afternooner, but it was enjoyable, whose name the performer admitted he forgot. “She is natural.” Glanville take Butler as a lover. She rated him an 11 out of 10.she is happy with him.

 16. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Guests Arrive At The White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) Dinner

He is not involved in me, I’m not a challenger,'” Wilde told Marie Claire of her now-fiance, whom she began dating after meeting at the 2011SNL climax finale. “He was so cool, so amusing — I was such a fan of his and had always imagined his speed and his brainpower. He’s a dazzling performer with a brain like lightning…I concern, ‘I’m not good-looking enough or his kind.'” The couple welcomed son Otis in April 2014.And now a happy couple.

17. AnnaLynne McCord and Dominic Purcell

AnnaLynne McCord and Dominic Purcell

The very gorgeous performer tells us of her permanent link with partner Purcell. What I like about an older man is that they be likely to be your rock,” “when I have my passionate moments, like, ‘Ah, this is never going to work out!’ Then he’s there. “I need a guy who’s sure and is safe in himself, as we’re always apart.”

18. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Lavigne

Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Lavigne

Kroeger was so certain the “knotty” songster was The One that he wished-for marriage to her with a 14-carat diamond — without even introducing her to his parents. “My mom is a giant fan of Avril’s, so putting her on the speaker phone and telling her the news was very funny and evenly awkward.” The couple tied the knot in July 2013 during a weekend of revels in the south of France. Unhappily, us weekly broke the news that the couple was bearing for a rip one year later.

 19. Carole Radziwill and George Clooney

Carole Radziwill and George Clooney

Throughout 2012 episode of Real Housewives of New York City, Radziwill’s costar, Sonja Morgan, spilled the beans about her toss with Clooney. As Radziwill showed off her sexy body in a small bikini on the seashore, an overwhelmed of The Morgan quipped “Look at the ass on Carole . . . No doubt Clooney did her for a year.”

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