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Universal Topics to Discuss on a Date

Universal Topics to Discuss on a Date

You already know that Russian women are special and you want to impress her and avoid any embarrassment. If you’re wondering what to talk about with a Russian ladies online or on a real date to keep up a conversation, then the following topics for discussion will be useful for you.

Her Motherland

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Being pretty nervous during the date many guys forget quite obvious subjects for the talk. One of those subject matters is Russia. Russians are proud of their country and will gladly tell you about everything positive and negative about it. As Russia’s area is extensive and large, ask your date where particularly her home is. It’s always pleasant for Russian women to talk about their hometowns where their childhood passed. Every Russian city or village has its unique history and is famous for somebody or something. Ask your Russian date to describe her hometown and tell about her favorite spots there. There is also one more related topic to introduce when an awkward silence is about to set in. That is to ask her about the places of interest in Russia that are worth visiting. In your turn, you can ask her whether she has ever been to those places and if it turns out that there are some places she would like to see, offer to do that together.

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Her Beauty

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Men from different countries admit that Russian girls are the most beautiful women in the world. Apart from their natural beauty, they care about their appearance all the time. They dress to impress and do make-up to turn heads. If you want to compliment her on her stunning look, you should be careful because one inappropriate remark – and your date can get offended. You shouldn’t be superficial and bomb her with words of admiration. You may come across as pushing or rude. Your remark should lead to an unstrained conversation. You can make it happen by asking her whether she goes to the gym or what exercises she does to stay in such a perfect shape. Perhaps, you’ve seen some of her pictures from yoga classes so ask her to tell more about it.

Her Hobbies

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The best way to get to know a person better is to find out what they are interested in and passionate about. By asking her about her hobbies, you will touch upon that universal topic that lets people talk about themselves (an activity that everyone enjoys doing, by the way). It has its advantages because you’ll know what she loves and later this information will come in handy when choosing a present for her or a place for your date.

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Her Plans for Future

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Another topic, that will be interesting for both of you, concerns your aspirations and long-term plans. The question about her plans for future will be especially appropriate if you are really interested in that girl and want to make sure you are a good match. You can ask her where she plans to work or where she wants to live (move to a big city or, on the contrary, live on the outskirts or in the country), how her life will look like in ten years or how many children she wants to have.

Along with the preferable topics, there are also the ones you should never touch upon on a date with a Russian girl. If you don’t want to offend or embarrass her, then avoid conversations in which:

  • you may somehow insult her motherland (even if you’re saying it for a joke);
  • you discuss your exes: talking about your past relationships is out of place when your romance is only picking up the speed;
  • you hurt her feelings or offend her in some other way.

You should also remember that there are no strict rules determining the topics that can be discussed between a man and a woman. Everything depends on a person you’re communicating with. Once you look through her profile, you’ll get a general idea of what kind of person she is and what things you could discuss with her. Remember that the subject is not as important as your attitude to your interlocutor and a general atmosphere that you set up and in which your conversation is going.

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