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Unbelievable Places on Earth That Actually Exist

Unbelievable Places on Earth That Actually Exist

Unbelievable Places on Earth That Actually Exist

Here is some collection of strange and unbelievable places you never know about these. There would be a pink lake, a door to hell; an underwater city, etc. description about these places are mentioned below

Lake Retba

Lake Retba is situated less than an hour away from the capital, Senegal. Lake Retba is also known as Lac of Rose. This unique Lake lies just north of the Senegal, northeast of Dakar. It is separated only by some narrow dunes from the Atlantic Ocean. Its salt content is very high and salinity content rival to that of the Dead Sea and dry season it exceeds. Salt collectors arrive daily at the lake; spend daily seven hours to collecting the salt mineral from the lakebed and the salt collectors covered in shea butter to protect their skin from the harsh salinity.

The color of water in Lake Retba changes constantly, but the most fabulous pink shade is appears throughout the dry season. Its pink color is affected by the Dunaliella Salina bacteria, which is involved in the lake’s salt content. This bacterium produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake its unique color. Its color is especially not strikingly pink in during windy and short wet weather due to the rain. Its color is visible during the dry season, which lasts from the November to June.  The salt levels of Lake reaching up to 40%, that’s way the lake can sometimes take a more sinister shade, appearing blood red. High levels of salt, not many living organisms are able to survive in Lake Retba, so it serves mainly as a tourist point and for salt production.

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Lake Retba

In fact, if you decide to visit the lake, you will see salt collectors working at the lake. This salt is extracted by locals from the bottom of the lake using their hands, then placed into baskets it is transported to the shore where it is used mainly to preserve fish. The area of the lake is only 3 square kilometers, and there is no a major town developed along its shores.

Some Interesting Facts of Lake Retba

  • The lake finish point is well-known Dakar Rally before Dakar Rally it moved to South America.
  • Due to the Dunaliella Salina Bacteria, its distinct color is completely harmless to humans, and swimming in the lake is possible.
  • People who work on extracting salt from the lake use shea butter obtained from the shea nut tree.
  • Lake Retba is not the only pink lake in the world. There are some other lakes near Baku, Azerbaijan or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Lake Hillier in Australia, but they are not natural or either small.

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Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole is situated just 100 kilometers from the away of Braliz. Blue Hole is an under-water sinkhole and researcher believes that it is the largest natural hole of its kind. The hole is circular in shape and characterized by its vibrant clue color. It is over 300 meters across and 125 meters deep. Great Blue Hole lies in the center of an atoll (called Lighthouse Reef), where an island of coral encircles the shallow, light turquoise-colored waters of a lagoon. Water levels there are so shallow that parts of the ring surrounding the dark blue sinkhole are even known to crest the surface at low tide.

Great Blue Hole

The sinkhole initially shaped as a limestone cave during the last glacial period, a time when sea levels were much lower. As the ocean began to upswing, the cave system flooded and ultimately distorted, creating a vertical cave in the ocean. As much, the site is famous among sundry, which flocks to the area to see the geological formations that now lie in the ocean’s depths. The Great Blue Hole is part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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Giant Buddha of Leshan

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. The Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City, province of Sichuan, at the confluence of three rivers, Min River, Qingyi River and Dadu River. The Statue is the most renowned scenic spot in that city.

Giant Buddha

History of Giant Buddha of Leshan

What the construction works on Giant Buddha is started in the year 713 AD and finished in the year 803 AD. Giant Buddha project was the idea of a Chinese monk named Haitong. During these years, thousands of workers had expended their efforts and wisdom on the projects. The statue took more than 90 years to carve. The government was threatened to give the funding for that projects because the monk said to have gouged out his own eyes to show his piety and sincerity. The Giant Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story.

In December 1996 the Giant Buddha was included on the list of the world Heritage sites by UNESCO. It is 71 meters high and has 8.3 meter long fingers. The 9-meter wide instep is big sufficient for one hundred people to sit on and the 24-meter wide shoulder is larger sufficient to be a basketball playground. Each eyebrow is 18 feet long. According to common people, “the mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain”. He has been lovingly continued on a systematic basis during his 1200 years history but is still a bit overgrown.

Having a long history and such a world-wide recognition, the renovation of the Buddha has received extensive attention both at home and abroad. The Buddha was damaged by the destruction of wind and rain before 1963 when the Chinese government began the repairing work.

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Derweze Turkmenistan

In 1970, Soviet geologists opened the Door of Hill and still opened; they punched through the crust of the Karakum Desert about four miles outside of the little village of Derweze, Turkmenistan. Soviet geologists were searching for nature methane gas and did they ever find it. Residents in Derweze, a village of about 350 people, took to calling the site the door to hell and its brightness can be seen from miles away. A threatening gas cave that has been burning in a Turkmen desert for more than 40 years is a perfect site for improving tourism in the country.

One straight account of a visit to the Door to Hell comes from a 57 years old Scotsman named Will Keeping. The drilling rig hit a large natural cave filled with gas. A cave approximately 70 meters wide and 20 meters deep designed and discharging methane gas into the atmosphere. In 2010, the president of Turkmenistan, Berdimuhamedow fluctuated by the Door to Hell and ordered that the fiery cave is closed, but this has not happened.Door of Hell

If you did like to see the Door to Hill but don’t feel like walking to the inaccessible Turkmen desert.

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Ice Cave in Skaftafell, Iceland

It is located from Jokulsarlon, just away 45 minutes east of Skaftafell. Skaftafell National Park is a magnificent area and is part of Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland. This carve in the glacier ice is the result of the glacial mill, where rain and melt water on the glacier surface are channeled into that enter the glacier at crevices. Each year, in autumn ice carves, begin to take shape and last throughout the winter.

The cave is accessible through a 22 feet entrance on the shore. In the end, it spills to a tight congestion no more than four feet high. Ice caves are in general unstable things and can collapse at any time. They are safe to visit only in winter when the cold temperatures toughen the ice. Even so one could hear continuous cracking sounds inside the cave. It was not because the cave was going to downfall but because the cave was moving along with the glacier itself. Each time the glacier moved a millimeter loud sounds could be heard.

Chand Baori, Rajasthan

Chand Baori is located in a small village named Abhaneri at 95 kilometers away from Jaipur, in eastern Rajasthan, India.  The Abhaneri village was established by the king of that time named Raja Chand, and the place was called Abha Nagi. Chand Baori is one of the most overlooking landmarks in the country.  It is one of the oldest and largest steps well in the world. This incredible square structure is 13 stories deep, which is about 100 feet deep and lined along the walls on three sides are a double flight of steps.

It is located opposite to a temple known as Harshat Mata temple. That’s it is believed that the Chand Baori step well has some religious connection. The step well is a square construction measuring 35 meters on each side. 3 out of the four side have steps that lead down to the bottom of the well. These steps were used to draw water from the well.

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Chand Baori Well

The Chand Bori well was constructed back in the 9th century. It has 3500 total steps. The steps and whole surrounding is a fine example of architectural expertise of the great Indian architectures. It also shows the geometrical intelligence of the architects of the bygone area. Today Abhaneri is a tourist place popular for its step well or board. These wells were constructed to harvest rain water and use it for later purposes. Abhaneri has a magnificent past and this ancient fascination of the place, invites tourist to its inception, from all over the world.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, located outside the main Waitomo township on the North Island of New Zealand. A size able population of glowworms that live in the caves that’s way it is a famous attraction of the New Zealand. Glowworms are tiny, bioluminescent creatures that produce a blue-green light.

The Waitomo Glowworm carves were the first time explored in 1887 by local Maori Chief Tane Tinorau accompanied by an English surveyor Fred Mace. Local Maori people knew of the Caves presence, but the underground caves had never been lengthily discovered until Fred and Tane went to investigate. They built a raft of flax trunks and with candles in hand, floated into the cave where the steam goes underground.

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As they entered the caves, they came across the Glowworm Grotto and were amazed by the twinkling glow coming from the ceiling. As they toured more into the cave by driving themselves towards a ridge, they were also surprised by the limestone formations.

Glowworm Caves Waitmon

Jubilant at their discovery, they returned many times for more discoveries and on one independent trip, chief Tane founded the upper-level entrance to the cave, which is the current entrance. By 1889 Tane Tinorau had opened the cave for tourists. Tane Tinorau and his wife Huti started leading groups through the cave for a small fee. In 1906 the administration of the cave was taken over by the government. They now collect a percentage of the cave’s revenue and are involved in the management and development of the cave.

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Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love is said that the best nature designer in the world. Although humans might have created many beautiful buildings that seem to rise to the sky, this creation can never compare with the beauty of nature. There are many amazing places in the world, and one such place is the Tunnel of Love. As the name of this place is one of the most romantics places in the world. Tunnel of Love is located in Kleven. It is famous all around for its great natural beauty and smoothing atmosphere. People come there from all around the world to see a natural beauty themselves.

This tunnel is hidden deep in the forest, and it would take you to have a great adventuring spirit to find this beautiful place. This is almost 1.8 miles long, and tunnel surrounded on all sides by green trees that rise high above. The whole tunnel is made entirely of leafy green trees. There are railway tracks that are used to take wood to the fiberboard factory. The rain has to deliver the wood three times a day. This is an amazing place for the walk with your partner.

Tunnel of Love is said that if you and your lover make a wish inside the tunnel, it is bound to come true. If you are looking for a romantic place to visit on your next vacation, then you would love seeing this place and is also very popular among photographers.

Ancient Underwater City, China

The Ancient underwater city is also known as Lion City, located in the province of Zhejiang and has been submerged underwater for 53 years. Shi Cheng has founded about 1300 years ago in the valley surrounded by the Five Lion Mountains. When Chinese government decided to build a new hydroelectric power station and man-made lake were constructed, and the city was left at the bottom of this new body of water. Now it sits at a depths ranging from 85 feet to about 131 feet.

On September 18, 2001, scuba divers made their first attempt underwater. Qui told Guangzhou Daily in an interview “We were lucky. As soon as we diced into the lake, we found the out-side wall of the city and even pick up a brick.” More research was conducted.

Looking at the surface of the lake, dotted with over 1000 islands, you would never know that an entire city was below.

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 Jacob’s Well, Texas

Largest under water cave in Texas has been known to swallow people whole, and it has also provided a nearly non-stop source of water for thousands of years. Jacob’s well is an amazing sight to see, as the water from deep within the good pools out into a natural spring that runs off into Cypress Creek. Many people visit the Texas Hill Country just to see Jacob’s well, despite the fact it has claimed a number of lives. Jacob’s Well is truly known as one of the most dangerous dive spots on the Earth. Even if you’re no cave diver, you can still enjoy Jacob’s Well. All ages people come without intentions and going down into the clear water spewing from the well.

Jacob’s well produced 170 gallons of gushing water per second, and it is making impossible to go outside. Dorothy Wimberley Kerbow remembers some 70 years ago when her father playfully tossed her into Jacob’s well. She only dipped about 2 feet beneath the surface popping back up under the force of the water. Many experienced divers venture down to the chambers now entering the well possible. Eight athletes were died during their explorations.

Jacob's Well

In 1850, first time Jacob’s well founded by early settlers who were overjoyed at the sight of the well and all of its perfect looking blue water. The amount of water released by Jacob’s well is reduced year after year, while also presenting a problem. No one wants the famous well to turn into “Jacob’s Cave”.

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