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Toxicity During Pregnancy. How to Deal

Toxicity During Pregnancy. How to Deal

Toxicity In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a mystery of nature. Think about it: nine months in a woman’s lives the other person! Toxemia of pregnancy is always there. However, there is an early and late toxicity and how you can deal Toxicity During Pregnancy.

Let us remember how react our body to hit a single a splinter or a virus? The first- morning sickness during pregnancy begins when the immune system of the future mother takes her child for a foreign body and stops when the child seat is formed or the placenta – 12-13 weeks.

Pain in Pregnancy

So uncomfortable phenomena accompanying toxicity during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and the like, which appeared at the beginning of gestation nearly all mothers pass more quickly and do not disturb.

One theory, according to which there is toxicity during pregnancy, – a neuron-reflex theory. In it, an important role in the development of the disease plays a violation of bonds of the primary nervous system and internal organs. During pregnancy, many women have become more moody, irritable and whiny. At this time, start working the subcortical structures of the brain, whereas normally in humans, the cortex is more active.

The subcortical structures organize the majority of protective reflexes, and wise nature, it makes this part of the mother’s brain work more efficiently. In the subcortical fabric of the vomiting, the center is located, as well as the olfactory area.

Accompanied by a mild toxemia during pregnancy, moderate and excessive vomiting. Most often, there is a slight form of up to 4 times a day. In this form, it can be made in a significant loss of weight, up to 3 kg. In moderate vomiting, a sharp weight loss, dehydration, possible temperature up to 38 ° C, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), and hypotension (low blood pressure). Toxemia of pregnancy in a form usually leads to hospitalization. Not timely analysis of the causes of toxemia of gestation and the lack of treatment can result in different pathologies and even abortion. Excessive vomiting is extremely rare but is accompanied by a toxemia of pregnancy vomiting, and day and night, temperatures above 38 ° C, increased heart rate (100 beats/sec or more).

Vomiting for Pregnancy

One of the manifestations of toxicity may be profuse salivation, up to one liter per day. This form of toxemia of pregnancy – lightweight and does not require treatment. Dermatoses of pregnancy – skin diseases arising on a background of gestation and disappear after childbirth. Usually, they appear in the form of itching, at least – in the shape of urticaria (slight rash), dry or weeping eczema (skin damage), erythema (redness of the skin resistant). Itching may occur at any time during pregnancy in the genital area, and sometimes the entire body surface.

In severe cases, the itching can be painful; can cause insomnia, depression, irritability.

And so, the morning sickness during pregnancy, how to fight:

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  • First of all, do not fear: yes, all sick, so it is necessary all this experience, and you can do it.
  • Without rising from beds to eat a slice of rye bread or crackers.
  • In the morning is excellent decoction of the herb mint, valerian, calendula, yarrow. These plants have a beneficial effect on the stomach, stop spasms and soothe the nerves.
  • In the event of a sudden attack of nausea, especially in a public place, you should have on salted hand crackers, dried fruit, mandarin, lemon, nuts, mints or gum, caraway seeds that you like.
  • Honey, as a universal means of a spoon on an empty stomach.
  • Try to eat more liquid or semi-liquid, no hot food.
  • Some help long morning sleep.
  • It is necessary to avoid solid digesting foods, as well as roasted and salted.
  • Sometimes doctors prescribe hofitol (cholagogue herb) as a means of facilitating toxemia during pregnancy.

For healthy baby care is the necessary for pregnant women. Take a look through these most common symptoms and most early signs of pregnancy.

Meets toxicity during pregnancy as well in the third trimester and late toxicity. Disrupted water-salt metabolism. New toxemia during pregnancy causes by disorders of the central nervous system.

It is said that the cause of late toxicity during pregnancy has not yet been studied. Perhaps it is an immune conflict between mother and child, and possibly kidney malfunctions, changes in the hormonal balance. The main risks that contain late toxicities during pregnancy – diabetes and hypertension.

Also, the key role that affects late toxicities – stress load or age of the pregnant: the risk is higher for women younger than 20 or older than 35 years. Late toxicities, is not always such pronounced symptoms, such as nausea or vomiting.

Be patient, the methods of struggle a lot, choose them for yourself. Toxicity of pregnancy, however, as the pregnancy – a temporary phenomenon.

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