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Top Ways to Create Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

Top Ways to Create Ideal Islamic Environment at Home

“It is Allah who has made for your homes as a place of rest and He made for your homes out of the skins of the cattle which you find portable on the day of your shifting and on the day of your halt, and out of their wool, their fur and hair furniture and wares [enduring] for a while.” (Quran Surah Nahl 16:80)”

Parents are the principal companion, ultimate guidance, and primary instructor for their kids. Other than the exceptionally expensive and essential part of parents in making an Islamic family, proper family binds and the inclination to take after the Holy Quran and the conventions of Allah’s last Prophet (SAW) in every matter of the way is the main establishment of a cheerful and devout home that is not just a good example for people who live in the same environment yet a decent sound case for all the others.

At a fundamental term, it is the obligation of your guardians; both the guardians must show their kids about existence, the rudiments and magnificence of the religion and must bring them up to be the best of the Muslims.

So here I would suggest some ways of Islamic environment that you can follow to create a proper Islamic atmosphere at your home:

1. You Must keep the Satan far Away!

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is the vital source of Islam; you must follow him in order to follow Islam properly. With each day, you must introduce your child to a new Hadith; this will make them a true Muslim with every passing day.

Allah’s Messenger (SAW) is the main individual in the historical backdrop of humankind who’s each way, propensity and custom are recorded for whatever is left of humankind. In light of that, it is the best practice to specify at least one than one hadith to your youngsters amid every day or night.

2. People who pray together stay together

A Muslims person is a living photograph of solidarity. What endless different groups and thoughts have neglected to follow in previous time and are as yet flopping because of their imperfect belief systems, uniting individuals to the actual point, this religion had effectively finished a long while ago.

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Although yes all the Muslims are in favor of different school of thought but then the best part about this is that each and every Muslim follows the same Kalma and same Emaan.

So you must pray your obligatory prayers with your children and your relationship will get stronger not just with them but Allah as well.

3. Make the Recitation of Quran a part of your everyday routine

This is another important aspect of our lives, to create an Islamic environment at home; you must make a habit of reciting the Holy Quran daily along with your children. Even if you recite it for ten minutes but you must make this a habit. And this is the last and final step that towards turning your home into a truly religious place.

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