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Top Seven Tourist Attractions Near Mysore

Top Seven Tourist Attractions Near Mysore

Tourist Attractions near Mysore

Mysore is located in Karnataka, South India. This is the city of palaces. You can find a lot of attractions inside the city which includes temples, palaces, monuments, gardens, natural attractions, malls, and others. If you are ready to travel a little away from Mysore, you can find a lot of interesting tourist attractions around the city. This article will focus on the top seven tourist attractions near Mysore.

1. Kabini Forest Reserve

Kabini Forest Reserve

This forest reserve is located 80 km away from the city of Mysore. It is on the way towards Manathavady. This forest reserve is a part of the famous trekking area, Nagarhole National Park. This forest reserve used to be a hunting area for the kings of Karnataka region. River Kabini runs through this forest reserve. The dam in this reserve is a very famous picnic spot. People visit this place for bird watching, walking, cycling, boating and for picnics. The best time to visit this forest reserve is from October to February. During this season, you can spot a few animals with their cubs in this area. The river will be filled with water because of the rainy season, and boating will be available.

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2. Bheemeshwari

Mahseer Fish Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is located in Mandya district. The main attraction of this place is the river that runs through this place. River Kaveri or Cavery is the natural habitat of the famous Mahseer fish species. Mahseer fish is a famous game fish in the world. It is located 67 km away from Mysore. People visit this place for fishing and other water related activities like boating, coracle ride, and others. Trekking, birdwatching, and other activities are also common. River rafting is available during winter season. Fishing camps are also available in this place.  The best time to visit this place is during rainy season and winter season (September to February).

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3. Chamarajanagar

Chamarajashwara Temple

Chamarajanagar is a quiet place which is located 60 km away from Mysore. This place is famous for Chamarajashwara Temple. It is an ancient temple rich in cultural heritage sculptures, paintings, and others. It is a small town, and there are a few other attractions like mulberry farms where silkworm is reared and Jain temple Vijaya Parsvanath Basadi. The best time to visit the farms is during the end of winter season or beginning of summer season. The beauty of temples and other monuments will be at its prime throughout the year.

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4. Dubare

Tourist Attractions near Mysore

Dubare has located 97 km away from Mysore. This is famous for elephant camps. If you visit this place very early in the morning, you can watch elephants having the bath, eating and playing in the mud. People can feed and ride on the elephants too. The Cauvery River runs very closer to these camps, and you can find elephants playing in the river too. Other top activities are fishing, trekking and river rafting. The best time to visit this place is from September to May.

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5. Sravanabelagola

Monolithic Figure of Bahubali

Sravanabelagola is a pilgrimage destination in Karnataka. It is located 84 km away from Mysore. It is a very common tourist attraction because of several temples and Jain monasteries. The monolithic figure of Bahubali is another attraction in this place. There are a lot of places for sightseeing too. Many festivals are conducted in these temples and during those festivals, fairs and exhibitions would be conducted in front of the temples. The temples are at their prime beauty throughout the year. Most of the festivals occur between October and March.

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6. Ranhanathittu Bird Sanctuary

Ranhanathittu Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a must visit for those who visit Mysore. It is just 16 km away from the city. It is located in Mandya district and is the largest bird sanctuary in the state. The sanctuary stretches for 40 acres and has more than 30 species of local birds and many migration birds. The migration season is between November and June. You can find a lot of different types of birds like spoonbill, wooly necked stroke, black ibis, oriental darter, heron, river tern, openbill stork, painted stork, great stone plover, and many others. Most of the rare migration birds visit this sanctuary in the month of December. The banks of islands in this place are filled with different types of trees and places like eucalyptus, acacia, endangered species of lily, bamboo, Arjun tree and many others. When it comes to fauna, you can find gray mongoose, bonnet macaque, palm civet, flying fox, marsh crocodile, mugger crocodile and others. Top tourist activities in this area are bird watching, crocodile watching and boat tours.

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7. Coorg

Tibetian Golden Temple

If you are ready to travel a little far away from Mysore, Coorg is an important tourist destination in South India. It is a hill station that is located more than 117 km away from Mysore. The serene climate and foggy days make this a summer retreat area and romantic winter destination. It is located on the east slopes of the Western Ghats. Top attractions in this place are Talakaveri, and Iruppu falls, Lakshmana Tirtha River, churches, Nagarahole, Mallalli Falls, Abbey Falls, Tibetian Golden Temple and many others. The best time to visit is between October and January. It is called as Scotland of India. There are a lot of historic places, scenic spots, and many natural attractions. It is a common honeymoon destination in this state.

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Other attractions near Mysore are Mudumalai (87 km), Ooty in Tamil Nadu (125 km), Wayanad in Kerala (134 km), Coonoor in Tamil Nadu (147 km) and many others. If you are visiting Mysore, do not stick with attractions inside Mysore alone. Spend two to three days for attractions a little outside the city.

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