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Top Richest People in the World till 2016

Top Richest People in the World till 2016

Top Richest People in the World till 2015

Every year global economy is facing ups and downs, but there are sure some richest people who are out there devoid of in front of the blusters that hit the economy. These people remain vibrant even when the global economy is facing too many issues. These richest persons have got their success story to narrate which have whole things about their way to reach the success. Let’s here are the detail related to top richest people in the world till 2016.

1# Bill Gates – Net Worth $81.1 Billion as of 2016

Bill Getes Richest Person

History indicates that Bill Gates is a dropout student of Harvard University, and he has in reality struggles a lot to become rich. The 59-year-old Bill Gates is the founder of one of the most critical IT Company Microsoft Corporation. He got the dream of bearing in mind minimum of one computer in all homes in whole global. He and his wife named Melinda both are so much into charity world. The charity foundation they have recognized is the system through which about half of the earnings he has made are given to poor.

2# Warren Buffet – Net Worth $73.8 Billion as of 2015

Warren Buffet Richest

He is the 2nd richest person in the global; he was born on 30 August 1930 in USA City-Omaha, now he is an 84 years old CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. While he is the most successful business investor in the 20th century and made his position in the world’s richest people’s list. First time in 2008 he achieved his position as the richest person in the world; in 2011 he was ranked 3rd. If we talk about his Berkshire Hathaway, who is the 5th most valuable company in USA having $350 billion of market cap.

3# Carlos Sim Helu and Family – Net Worth $72.6 Billion

Carlos Sim Helu

Carlos Sim is the first richest man by Mexican and 3rd richest man in the world his net worth is 72.6 billion dollars as 31 December 2014. He belongs to Mexican and is a successful business person, investor, and philanthropist. He got the 2nd position among the world’s richest people from 2010 – 2013 but in 2014 and onward he declined with a post and replaced by Warren Buffet. He is a people of Mexico who has got a lot of business shares through his largest networks of multinational Companies SA de CV and Grupo Carso, which include retail technology, real estates, airline, retailing, media, finance, and communication. Due to his generous nature, he also owns charity organization which deals with various issues that are related to medical care, illiteracy and as well as poverty. He made his position in the top list of richest people in the world due to his great efforts.

4# Amancio Ortega – Net Worth $65.6 Billion

Amancio Ortega Richest Man

Amancio is the Spanish richest man and comes at 4th number in the list of 10 most generous people in the world. In his hometown his major worth contributor segments are Retail & Self made, there he added his $7 billion in the last year and last two year he collects $ 26.5 billion including last year worth. In July 2014 he got 65.6 billion dollars net worth and him also a chairperson of Spanish Fashion Executive and also the Inditex Fashion’s group. He got the retirement from the Inditex as the chairperson, yet he owns its 60% shares. Besides, all that he runs an assortment real estate whose net worth is predictable at nearly $ five billion.

5# Larry Ellison – Net Worth $53.6 Billion

Larry Ellison Richest Man

Larry is the one person who positions as a CEO of the famous database product company Oracle. Oracle is famous who global for the database and also computing application based products. With this post as a chief executive officer of Oracle, he also has got shares in various niches which including Astex Pharmaceuticals, net suite, sales force and quark biotechnology. He is famous for his philanthropic nature.

6# Christy Walton & Family – Net Worth $41.7 Billion

Christy Walton Widow Robon Walton


Christy Walton is the Widow of John T. Walton, and she is 60-year-old lady her net worth is 41.7 billion dollars according to the American richest people list as of 2014. She runs her husband business in 2015 to till, and she also runs the largest philanthropist in the world as a woman.

7# Jim Walton – Net Worth $40.8 Billion

Jim Walton Richest Person

Jim is 67 years old American richest person and his ranked in the world as a 7th richest person. Wal-Mart is the major contributor of his income where he is the largest shareholder of it exceeding the stake of $31 billion. He is third number kid of the Sam Walton family; Sam Walton is the founder of Wal-Mart, which is operating as the 11,000 stores worldwide by generating $467 billion in sales. In 2005 he added to the Wal-Mart’s board of directors after his brother death. Recently he is working on the finance committee and the strategic planning as its member – also a chairperson of Arvest Bank Group, INC.

8# Charles Koch – Net Worth $37.9 Billion

Charles Koch Richest Man

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Charles Koch lives in the Wichita City of US, and he is CEO of Koch Industries. He manages the shares of Koch Industries with his younger brother named David Koch. Many other sources contribute to his wealth that includes Petrol Logistics and Flint Group.

9# David Koch – Net Worth $40.6 Billion

David Koch Richest Man

David lives in New York and professionally he is a chemical engineer, but now he is mostly involved with own business activities. He is the Executive Vice President of Koch Industries and also participates actively in charity ventures and politic events. He is the contributor at Lincoln Center and American Museum of Natural History.

Chales and David Koch Brothers

10# Alice Walton – Net Worth $39.3 Billion

Alice Walton Richest Lady

She is the 2nd richest woman in the world after her sister in law, and she was born on 1947 in USA city of New Port. She is the daughter of Sam Walton, her primary incomes source her father business named Wal-Mart and a self-made source is one. She is a great lover of art and expenditure her billions to curate the art on the all-encompassing where she built a crystal bridge art museum in 2011 in Bentonville, which is her hometown.

Walton Family.

Walton Family Group

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