Winter is the season of jam-packed with the most entertaining events that down every year. Winter is the time when the sun will be rise at noon and is famous as the holiday season because many holidays, celebrations and festivals are held during winter in the whole world. Most festivals are held annually in the world, but there I added a list of top most popular winter festivals which take place in different areas of the world.

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Fur Rendezvous – Alaska

Alaska Fur Rendezvous

It is the ten days celebration of Alaskan life in every year during winter late February. It is the biggest North America’s self-styled winter festival. In this festival, some fantastic events like the running of the reindeer and sled dog races are held – around the normal people join it. Other than that, some others exciting outdoor sports events like as snowshoe; ice hockey, softball and frostbite footrace, etc. are included.

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Bon Soo Winter Carnival – Ontario

Bon Soo Winter Carnival

It is the annual winter festival which is held in February began in 1964, in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. It is 2nd largest 10-days festival of Canada which is filled with downhill canoe races and bum slides. Events have put a ceiling on off with an annual polar bear swim when some 200 chauvinists brave immerse in the ice-cold waters of Lake Superior.

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Brits Music and Winter Festival – Switzerland

Brits Music and Winter Festival

It is the award-winning resort of LAAX, which is celebrated in Switzerland. A 7-day festival bringing together top snowboard and ski action with live music and DJ act all the night time. If you want to join this festival events you can easily get the entry of the British Open Championships like skiing, snowboarding, taking place on the valley slopes at LAAX – the festival events are divided into the kids, youth, juniors, seniors, and masters.

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Dartmouth Winter Carnival – England

Dartmouth Winter Carnival

First time in 1910, Dartmouth winter carnival festival as a field day launched for students, now it is an iconic event in New England. The guests are invited for horse-drawn sled rides and to a skating party filled with some great live music. Dartmouth Festival is a 3-day festival which is divided events across campus. Every year approximately 3,000 people are participating in ski race and human dogsled races.

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Quebec Winter Carnival – Canada

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec winter festival is the largest festival which is held in Canada, in February. This festival’s events include a winter amusement park, with attractions such as skiing, snow rafting, snow sled slides, outdoor shows and ice sculptures. It is abrupt in an institution. Amateur and professional teams participate in the race canoes on the city surface of the St. Lawrence River. All around the world snow artist are joint the competition of snow sculpture.

Winterlude – Ontario

Winterlude Festival

Winterlude is celebrating during 31- January to 17- February in every year. It is the annual festival of Ottawa, Ontario. It is run by Canada’s National Capital Commission and was started in 1979. Winterlude is a largest outdoor winter festival which has the public skating and skating displays, ice sculpture competitions activities. Confederation Park, better known as Crystal Garden, is the site for the ice sculpture competition, the ice lounge and musical concerts.

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Saranac Lake Winter Carnival – New York

Lake winter Carnival

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is like a winter sports competitions as well as concerts, fireworks, parade and offbeat contests. This festival celebration is held every year from January-31 to February -09 is the 115-year old festival of New York people.

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Wrapping Up

Well! The ice season lovers are happy because I give you the information of beautiful ice festival and tell you where and when it is held. So now if you want to make your winter more beautiful you must follow it and enjoy it as much as you do. Feel free and share your info and suggestion in the below comment box. Thanks!