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Top IT Jobs In Demand For Future

Top IT Jobs In Demand For Future

Top IT Jobs

Are you searching your ideal IT career path? Or want to know which highest paying jobs best for computer students. Top IT jobs which offer the highest salaries and best opportunities for advancement once you finish training. The IT field proceeds to grow according to the US Department of Labor, the employment level for Computer students is expected to increase 19% from 2010 to 2020. This IT career demand increase correlates with college graduates in this field degree. In the top career computer field, an average salary for the computer science students is approximate $88,909. Devin Fidler, research director, says:

“There are some overarching shifts poised to change the nature of work itself over the next decade.”

Top IT Jobs In Demand For Future

These computer jobs will experience the fastest growth done 2020, pay salaries well above the national average. Below is the top employment opportunities and offer a range of advancement chances.

1- Mobile Application Developer – Average Salary: $95,000

A mobile application developer is one of the most fastest growing IT job occupations. As phones and tablets are frequently changed the way of communication, do business, and news & entertainment access. The mobile apps are growing fast according to demand for new and innovative. Other than that it also increased the demand translates to one of the largest IT skills disparity ever realized. A lot of mobile application jobs opening that expert application developer to fill them. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms will continue to offer the most jobs for developers.

2- Database Administrator – Average Salary: $82,000

Businesses are accumulating record amounts of digital info, urging the need for trained and certified DBAs to store, analyze, organize, and secure this data. Also, similar to more databases are linked to the net and cloud, data safety will become more important. Those database administrators and developers who have security skill primarily hired to protect the corporate database from the security threats and hackers.

3- Software Engineer – Average Salary: $90,000

The software engineer demands will rise as technological progression and the development of emerging network technologies. As virtualization strategies and corporate adoption of cloud will make a surge in demand for applications software engineers. They can develop and design secure web-based programs.

4- Video Game Designer – Average Salary: $80,000

Over $65 billion gaming industry has above tripled in size over the last decade. Beyond the booming market for traditional console and PC game too. The popularity, graphic capabilities of mobile devices, and processing power of video game increased and also has unlocked a new world of employment chances for game designers, programmers, and artists. Mobile software developers and video game designer will be sought after as smartphones and tablets have accessed and played.

5- Network Administrator – Average Salary: $69,000

Network administrators employment demand will increase as institutes and organizations invest in new systems and network technologies to increase productivity and gain a vital advantage. The speedy approval of smartphones and tablets and “Bring your own device” policy into corporate culture means more institutes will use the internet to conduct their business online. Due to these job opportunities for network administrators and managers rise.

6- IT Security Specialist – Average Salary: $87,000

Security in every field is the most important part. Similar to this, in IT, security will remain a top concern for hiring managers as the scope, frequency, and complexity of cyber attacks. IT executives interviewed in Computerworld’s 2012 survey report actively seeking professionals with information security skills. Computer security competencies in the greatest demand in 2012 and beyond include IT chances security, risk management, mobile device security, network, information assurance, and cloud security.

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7- Computer Systems Analyst – Average Salary: $79,000

As institutes are developed their technology department, computer systems analysts will be hired to architect new systems in all industries. According to US Department of Labor predicts a 43% increase in systems analyst hiring in information technology sector. A big amount of contract and freelance employment opportunities.

8- Web Developer – Average Salary: $91,000

Every year, a large number of businesses are converting to the internet. As the products and services of online available continue to grow, designers and web developers will enjoy job opportunities. Development of social media, web two communities and social networking will boost demand for web creator as businesses look to absorb a new generation of clients.

9- Health Information Technician – Average Salary: $46,000

Health care industry develops more compute job opportunities than any other single industry. Aggressive government authorization and funding motivator for hospitals and private health activity to adopt centralized electronic medical record system. It brings great importunities for hiring health information technicians who are expert in these new technologies.

10- Technology Manager – Average Salary: $111,000

The technology manager job is directly suitable for growth rates of the IT worker they supervise. Growth rate of this job is breaking in technical career fields including mobile development, networking, software engineer, virtualization, and database

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