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Top Earning Blogs 2017

Top Earning Blogs 2017

Top Earning Blogs 2017

If you are searching about writing blogs or supposing how to get money from the blog world in 2017, perhaps the following top earning blogs 2017 will help you in your profession. Approximately above 33.9 million new blogs designed every month and many leading bloggers are mutual in passion and skill in their particular blog niches.

But where did the miracle initiate for the most popular or blogs which have highest earning? The term “web-log” created from John Bargerm in 1997 first time and later Peter Meholz cast off the word in his sidebar but made the original verdict to split the word into “We blog.”

Nowadays, blogging is a big business with a big amount of earning for some best blog sites. Researching on most popular blogs in the world becomes easier to see why and how they made a huge financial success of their blogging careers.

Getting success in the blogs is not the too much easy feat. Here, we are producing some of the highest tops earning blogs 2017 list that takes extraordinary devotion, resilience, a significant degree of talent and some good business sense. As a blogger, you also need a significant share of luck for your blog to become one of the most popular and top earning blogs 2017.

A List of 5 Top Earning Blogs 2017

1. Huffington Post – $14,000,000/month

Huffington Post Top Earning Blogs 2017

Huffington Post is one of the favorite and most popular blog sites, and you can say it is the stuff of legends. This website was launched in 2005 by Arianna Huffington. Its origin is providing a very generous view on politics and life.

It is one of the leaders in the most popular blogging world. Huffington Post is the pack in the highest earning blogs in the world, with an income of $30,000/day. In 2011, Huffington sold the blog by her namesake to AOL for $315 million. While being kept on as Editor in Chief and since stepped down from this role.

HuffPo or HuffPost, as it now mentioned to makes its money from sponsored advertising income through banners and other digital ads athwart its variability of channels. Now, it is the most successful blog site of its kind and earns over $1 billion.

2. Engadget – $5,500,000/month

Engadget Top Earning Blogs 2017

The 2nd most popular blog in our list is Engadget that is the popular blog with humble roots. Peter Rojas is the owner. This site conveys reviews and advice on consumer electronics and technology. It was learned and has been worked by AOL since 2005.

The company makes a huge fortune from advertising and employs some editors and blog writers that are continuously publishing comprehensive advice on every category of gadget imaginable.

3. Moz – $4,250,000/month

Moz Top Earning Blogs 2017

Moz is the most successful blog about SEO (search engine optimization), and Rand Fishkin is the owner of this blog site. This company initially started out as a family-run design business, ultimately transformed into an SEO shop. But it was a blog that helped gain them a massive audience and international appeal.

Nowadays, Moz is a big company that is famous as SEOMoz. It generates an inspirational quantity of income and has been funded with separate injections of project capital.

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4. Mashable – $2,000,000/month

Mashable Top Earning Blogs 2017

In 2005, Pete Cashmore started a blog site Mashable from his home in Scotland. The blog develops with his loyalty to producing excellent content on a consistent basis. He wrote accidentally in those early years and 2009, Time Magazine called Mashable one of the 25 best blog sites in the global.

Considering then, it has expanded in size and reach with an important focus on social media. And the place lingers to reach multitudes of viewers finished a multiplicity of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Generally, Mashable generates its income through advertisements in various altered formats.

5. CopyBlogger – $1,000,000/month

CopyBlogger Top Earning Blogs 2017

Brian Clark was started CopyBlogger in January 2006. He has been building businesses with online content marketing since 1998. He began CopyBlogger as a simple one-page blog site and offers different ways how to create killer online content. Now, it is famous as Rainmaker Digital that has 200,000 unique clients.

You can find the valuable information that attracts people’s attention. It helps to drive traffic, and help you to build your business quickly. They can expand their content reach through things like social media, SEO, and blogging.

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