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Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2016

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2016

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Russia is also on the list of most beautiful women country. Russian women are broadly cherished all over the world for their attractive blue eyes, perfect fair skin, and prominent figure with proper height. Most of them have beautiful and fit bodies. They look so cute and beautiful because of their clear skin and the pleasant smile. Here are top most beautiful Russian women 2016. Let’s know about them they will surely grab your attention.

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9 . Alina Artz

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Alina Artz is a beautiful Russian woman, she is beautiful and stunning, that everyone admires her beauty. She is amazingly attractive with dark hair beauty and lovely blue eyes. She is a talented woman and beautiful; she hosted a great TV show only a few years before. Her beautiful hair and eyes ha enhanced her beauty. Alina Artz is a global superstar.

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8 . Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Natalia Chistyakova-Innova has traditional Russian beauty. She is more usually recognized in Russia as Glukoza and has distinguished career as a songster. She was born in 1986 and has become an extremely well-liked Russian celebrity. Here blond hair and dazzling eyes fascinate everyone. She also has a persona that many Russians can effortlessly relate to.

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7 . Elena Zakharova

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Elena Zakharova is beautiful Russian woman, a cute little beauty who is some small in height but very attractive. She is a well-talented TV and theater performer, who gets a lot of concentration whenever she is on screen. Her short brown hair and lovely brown eyes will fascinate you when you see her. Elena Zakharova was born in Moscow in 1975, and she speaks just standard English and Russian languages. She was a member of Kaderstvo and Empire back in 2005, and she got international appreciation through the internet.

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6 . Lera Kudryavtseva

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Lera Kudryavtseva is gorgeous Russian woman and looks stunning. She is a television anchor, a performer, and also a dancer. She has been attributed to many Russian movies and has set her wedding and career in an elegant way. Her dark smoky eyes and small blond hair make her one of gorgeous women in Russia.

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5 . Anfisa Chekhova

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Anfisa Chekhova is stunning and talented. She is a well-known songster in Russia, and also a great performer and an admired television anchorwoman. Her gorgeous eyes just drag your attention. She is very famous because of her unbelievable loveliness with her incredible skills as a performer.

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4 . Elizaveta Golovanova

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

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Elizaveta Golovanova is one of the top good-looking Russian women in 2015. She is beautiful and has a natural beauty, and she is only twenty-one years old, she is very sexy and hot. She is famous because being a former Miss Russia; she is well educated and currently holds an engineering degree.

3 . Nyusha

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Nyusha is extremely talented and very sexy at the same time. Her actual name is Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina; she is very sexy that she grabs everyone attention. She has an unbelievable singing voice; that’s why she is recognized as one of the most excellent Russian singers in recent years. Her sexy personality and dazzling, elegant looks have made her famous internationally. Her natural beauty is fantastic which grab our attention and make her famous internationally.

2 . Zoya Berber

Top Most Beautiful Russian Women 2015

Zoya Berber is one of the sexy, beautiful, talented and very attractive young Russian women. Her blond hair and lovely eyes just grab our attention. In only twenty-five years of age, Zoya Berber is now a very well-liked woman on TV. Her beautiful lips and deep eyes make her one of a gorgeous ladies in all of Russia.

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1 . Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova is a Russian expert tennis player who has a net value of $90 million dollars. She is gorgeous and attractive.Maria Sharapova was born April 19, 1987, in Nyagan, Russia. Sharapova. She is a 3-time Grand Slam Singles champ and one of the top paid lady sportsperson of all time. Sharapova fulfilled the career Grand Slam when she got the 2012 French Open. Sharapova is world’s most fashionable and magnificent player and fifth on the World’s Richest Tennis Players.

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