Fruit Dessert Recipes

Desserts are always welcoming, and when they are fruit desserts, they are always counted on the top of my favorite sweet dishes. Some people also dislike fruit desserts as they think they are not delicious. In my personal life, I prefer to take fruits no matter in which form I am having. I use them in juices, desserts, and my smoothies as well. Check out some of the recipes I have mentioned in this article to help you have some easy dessert recipes. You can use these dessert ideas and make yummy and tasty sweet dishes.

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Fresh Fruit and Pudding

Fruit Desserts

You need to peel off two oranges, two bananas, one pineapple and two apples in a bowl. Get an instant lemon pudding from the market and prepare it according to the directions given on the back of the box (prefer to use sugar-free pudding) as it will make you desserts even lighter. Mix all the fruits in the dessert. Refrigerate and serve. Enjoy

Frozen Mixed Sauce

Fruit Desserts

This is fascinating dessert. Well, call it a sauce which you can use over ice cream, yogurt and angel food cake. You need to have one bag of frozen berries mixed with one and a half teaspoon of cornstarch and two tablespoons of sugar. First, microwave it on high two minutes and stir it. Again after stirring, microwave it till the sauce is thickened (for about two minutes).

Baked Apples

Fruit Desserts

Baking apples make the Apple bring out their maximum sweetness. Get four tart green apples and scoop out their core, leaving a well in the center of them. Now add two tablespoons of brown sugar in a tablespoon butter and mix it well, stuff this mixture in the heart of these apples. Place these apples in a shallow baking dish and sprinkle some cinnamon on them. Now bake them at about 350 degrees for at least fifteen minutes until you are sure that the sugar is properly caramelized, and apples are tendered.

Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate

Fruit Desserts

As strawberry is used in many sweet dishes like strawberry shortcake, strawberry dessert, etc. You can also dip your cute strawberry. Depending on your taste, choose any one of dark, milk or white chocolate. Wash the strawberries first but do not remove their tops. Now you need to prepare a sheet pan by covering it with the help of wax paper. First, melt your favorite chocolate in a double boiler and zap it for about a minute in the microwave. Keep on stirring it to avoid burning. When done with the chocolate, dip you washed strawberries in the prepared chocolate and place them on the wax paper. For about an hour or more according to your requirement, refrigerate and serve.

Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Fruit Desserts

Nothing can be easier that this recipe. All you need to have are your favorite fruits. Take watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes; all are perfect. Cut them into cubes and place them on a bamboo skewer. Try to keep the flow in colors when presenting. Let it get refrigerated and serve it with fat-free Greek vanilla yogurt for dipping. Have Fun!

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Banana Ice Cream

Fruit Desserts

Nothing can be more straightforward and quick in its preparation than Banana Ice Cream. Blend one frozen banana into “Ice-Cream”. Decor it with chocolate syrup for a delicious taste. Have fun!

Roasted Peach

Fruit Desserts

You need to take four peaches and wash them properly. Cut these four peaches in two halves. On a baking sheet, place these peaches cut side up. Sprinkle each of them with a teaspoon of lemon juice and sugar each. Bake them for about twenty to twenty-five or until they get tendered. Present it with low-fat frozen vanilla yogurt.