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Top 5 Things to Do in Odessa

Top 5 Things to Do in Odessa

Odessa City

Odessa is often referred to as the southern pearl of Ukraine. This city is a dynamic, energetic and somewhat decadent metropolis located on the coast of the Black Sea. Odessa was endowed in the late 18th century by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Ever since its foundation Odessa was home for multicultural and a multinational crowd. People come to Odessa from all over Europe to gain their fortune here. Thus the city’s patchy and rather tatty appearance.

Odessa is truly magnificent city and has what it seems like an endless number of attractions to visit. But if this is your first time to Odessa or you don’t have much time for sightseeing. We offer top 5 must-visit places you don’t want to miss.

#1 Walk Along Deribasovska Street

Deribasivska Street

Nothing will draw Odessa and its locals better than the main street. Deribasovska is deemed to be the heart of Odessa. Those who are in Odessa love it and carefully preserve its unique atmosphere. Deribasovska, neither wide nor long, fully reveals the whole character of Odessa. It contributes very cozy and quiet home atmosphere. The most beautiful building in Odessa – «Passage”- is located on Deribasovska street. It is known to all visitors and tourists. Beautiful sculptures and moldings on the walls and, of course, the glass roof, are over here.

#2 Climb Potemkin Steps


The steps lead down from Prymorsky Boulevard to the Sea Port, and it is one more must visit place in Odessa. Please pause at the top to admire sweeping views of the harbor. You may avoid climbing back by taking the free funicular railway that runs parallel.

#3 Visit Prymorsky Boulevard

Prymorsky Boulevard

Prymorsky Boulevard is a tree-lined pedestrian zone with replica gas lamps and wooden benches. Pink-and- white colonnaded City Hall is located at the boulevard’s eastern end. Originally it housed the stock exchange and later the Regional Soviet Headquarters. The cannon located over here is a war trophy captured by the British during the Crimean War. Odessa’s most photographed monument, the Pushkin statue, is in the square in front of the City Hall. Proceeding along the boulevard, at the top of the Potemkin Steps. You’ll reach the statue of Duc de Richelieu, Odessa’s first governor. Rather neglected Vorontsov Palace stands at the western end of Prymorsky Boulevard. The Greek-style colonnade behind the palace offers magnificent vista over Odessa busy port.

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#4 Watch a play at Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre


After being closed for several years for reconstruction, the theater reopened to welcome the eager visitors in 2007. You can catch a Russian-language tour of the theater, starting one hour before Friday and Saturday performances (UAH 100) or, better yet, take in performance. Opera and Ballet Theater is considered to be the jewel of Odessa’s architecture. The Opera Theater was designed by Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. The architect famous for designing world famous Vienna State Opera.

#5 Party at Arkadia Beach

Arkadia Beach

An Eventide at Arkadia is a must when in Odessa and this is definitely the city’s most popular must-visit place. The central part of the beach is almost entirely occupied by beach clubs, which have pools and double as nightclubs after sunset. Odessa is a latest Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and usual party crowd. Due to its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of beachside nightclubs.

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