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Top 5 Signs Your Teen is a Bully

Top 5 Signs Your Teen is a Bully

For every parent, their child is a perfect kid in the whole universe. This notion inhibits them from ever considering their children as bullies. Although they may always be on the lookout for potential bullies that may harm their kid, they frequently overlook their child who may be exhibiting bullying behavior until the school authorities summon them. Even then most parents are on their defensive and won’t believe a single word told to them. However, if you have the inadequate inkling that your kid may be a bully, then here are Top 5 Signs Your Teen is a Bully.

Shows Aggressive Behavior

Anger, frustration, and impulsiveness are three main components found in every bully. These aggressive behaviors could be explicit as well as implicit in the form of cyberbullying. If your kid has any disorders or disabilities, then this may very well be justified on its own. Your kid may be showing you the regular kind of frustration every child does, but in another arena would be violent in many cases. To keep an eye out for any such behaviors, it is recommended that you use monitoring applications. These help parents keep in touch with the ideas their child must be searching online along with what he is doing on any social media sites.

The Wrong Friends

Group dynamics play an influential role in this area. Kids often indulge in bullying behavior when they are under pressure or afraid that they may become next targets to bullying. Having the right kind of friends is highly important especially in the early developmental years of your kids’ life. Their friends will eventually become the reason of who they turn out to be later on. Even children with solid parents are allowed to slip once in a while. However, with monitoring applications today, you can easily keep an eye on people who your child is in contact with recently. Monitoring applications can keep a track record of who your kid messages or calls. Complete chat histories and drawing logs can be retrieved through this monitoring software along with exact GPS locations as well.

Popularity is Top Priority

Being on the summit of the social ladder is another thing to worry about. If your kid is obsessed with being popular, then the chances are that he or she is involved in bullying as well. In such a state, your kid may be prone to making friends for their benefit which could seriously affect their capacity to have healthy relationships in the long run. If you feel that this is happening, you can monitor their social media activity through spy applications because they will most likely be involved in popularity contests online. Monitoring software programs help you get a complete profile of your kid online. Some friends or followers on these sites may also contribute to determining this.

Always on Social Media

Gone are the days of regular schoolyard bullying because now children are more involved in cyber bullying. Based on this, you will find a healthy change in your child’s internet usage time. Or perhaps they are spending too much time on their cell phones and laptops. Either way, with the help of monitoring applications you can limit their internet usage by placing adequate sanctions on them. After a given moment, the internet connection automatically gets disabled. Similarly, monitoring applications can also be used to block particular sites after a specific duration based on keywords, categories or complete URLS as well.

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Image is imperative

If you find your child obsessing about clothes and friends, then there is a high likelihood that your kid is concerned about what other may think of them which is another sign to identify bullies. Although obsessing over clothes and friends itself is not a definite indicator, you can make sure that it is not channeled into the wrong activities through the help of monitoring applications. By checking the web browsing histories, you can determine what your kid’s interests and likes. Clothes are sometimes not as worrying as kids trying to copy celebrity profiles. They may be going through sites that have celebrity gossips which may lead to adopting strange ideas and behaviors.

It is not necessary that your child has become a complete bully. Maybe your kid is going through a rough patch in their lives and has adopted bullying behavior temporarily. Either way, it is recommended that you use monitoring applications to determine the exact cause and then use correct interventions to rectify it.

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