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Top 5 Shaving Hacks You Should Know

Top 5 Shaving Hacks You Should Know

The horrors of removing hair are known to every woman who found them a threat to her beauty and used wax, tweezers, shavers, creams to get rid of them. A salon treatment is surely a relaxing thought, but our busy schedules don’t usually humor the kind of luxury.

Thanks a ton to the evolved hair removal technology which has made our lives a bit easier. There are a gazillion number of gadgets that can make your skin smooth and sleek, but it can be somewhat troublesome to pick precisely the best hair expulsion product.

So, I did some research and came up with the best ways to attain soft, silky skin. A quick run of the following will give an idea of what you need to master this beauty regiment.

1. Electric Shavers – Pretty Looking Blades

Electric razors

Electric razors for women come in all shapes and sizes. They are anything but difficult to use and standout amongst the conventional hair removal techniques. The best electric razors for women can work both on a wet and dry skin. You can shave while taking a shower. Wet shaving removes the top layer of your dead skin and keeps it smooth and shiny. A dry-shave turns out just as well with these innovative hair removal gadgets.

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2. Creams – Easy to Use

Shaving Your Legs First

Veet is hands down the best hair removal cream in town. For women prefer creams, this is your best shot. It doesn’t smell like other brands and works like a charm. The formula includes essential oils which leave your skin extra smooth. Apply evenly on your skin, wait for 3 to 7 minutes in total and jump into the shower to avoid shaving and messy hands. An inexpensive way to get rid of unwanted hair. Do not! I repeat do not use it on your face.

3. Waxing – No Pain No Gain

Waxing on Legs

Waxing is by far the best remedy to remove hair. It sure is painful, but the results last longer than any other option. It comes cheap, and once you get the hang of how the process works, it becomes incredibly easy to use. You can make home-made wax by melting sugar, honey and lots of lemon juice together. s

If the strip is applied correctly, every one of the hair is expelled from the root. Furthermore, it’s simple to use. Warm up the hard wax, make sure it’s not too hot, spread the fluid on the skin, use butter paper to pull the wax clean.

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4. Razors – Manual Combs from Medieval Times


Rewind to the early ages, it all began with this tool. It is still the most popular method among ladies. For a bump-free shave, Gillette for women is highly recommended. The blade glides smoothly and gives a neat finish. For an inexpensive, pain-free shave such razors are ideal. Apply shaving foam or skin exfoliators before starting up to avoid irritation and redness.

5. Epilators – Fast Forward to the Modern Era

Electric Shavers

The tool works like wax- painful but sustainable. You can use it while taking a bath or dry shave. It efficiently removes hair from the roots, around knees and bony areas. They come with a head massage that eases the pain. Epilators are an excellent investment if you don’t mind the pain.

Tip and Tricks

Whichever method you opt for these tips can help you attain smoother results.

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Use some natural oil before getting onto the shaving routine. It helps lessen the itchiness and prepares the skin for a bump-free glide. Almond, coconut, and olive oil can be used as skin softeners.

If using razors, make sure to change the blade frequently. This ensures both hygiene and skincare. A manual razor can be ideally used four times.

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Shaving must be done using shorter strokes. Try not run a marathon with your shavers. A small area must be treated each time. Though this would take long but will provide cut-free results.

Cheap razors are the leading cause of ugly scars and irritation. Try not to buy these just to save a couple of bucks.

Still, if your skin suffers from the aftershave bumps, treat them with shea butter or fresh cucumber juice.

A hot shower is the best way to exfoliate the skin. It expands your pores and allows a smooth glide of the tool over your skin.

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