Summer is a season where people like to have parties. So, you need to be prepared to avoid any mess if a bunch of friends is attacking you, this article Top 5 Healthy and Best Appetizers for Summer Season is for you. The best option is to feed the crowd with appetizers as they are light and more welcoming. They are preferred by most of the people while are easy for you to prepare. I have mentioned some of the recipes of best appetizers you can go for. Choose any one of them whenever you want to have appetizers.

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Summer Appetizers

It is a healthy appetizer as it has vegetables in it. It is soup easily found in Spain. All you need tp do os to throw few vegetables in a blend along with vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt and hot sauce. When all of the ingredients get perfectly blended, make an addition of tomato juice on it and stir a little. Put the mixture in the in the refrigerator to get chilled. When to serve, put some pieces of avocado along with it.

Antipasto Kebabs

Summer Appetizers

Kebabs are mostly found in Middle Eastern Asia but what if you blend with some Italian twist on them. All you need to have is a great selection of sliced meats and vegetables for a beautiful presentation. Choose items like olives, salami, pepperoni, cheese tortellini, parsley and others like them. Place them in toothpicks in different sequences and enjoy.

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Summer Appetizers

It is an Italian appetizer while known as Antipasto in their language. It is a very quick and satisfying recipe of an appetizer. All you need to do it to fry some slices of baguette lightly with olive oil on them on a skillet – garnish them with pepper, basil, and salt. When done with frying them, top these slices with halved grape tomatoes.

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Greek Salad

Summer Appetizers

Make this salad with usual salad ingredients like red onions, cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, black olives, bell pepper and parsley. Now add some Greek touch by making a dressing containing vinegar, oil, and mix oregano. Stir it and pour. Sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese – Greek cottage cheese made of goat’s milk. Done with the Greek Salad, serve it with toasted pita bread.

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Summer Appetizers

Pizettes are mini pizzas so no need to the confused that what we are going to read or make. It is prepared in the same way you make the pizzas. The difference lies that you make them easy to eat as they are light and smaller in size (call them handy). Make a crust in the usual for but just handy. YO\our toppings need nothing more than a few tomato slices and Parmesan cheese. When done, to serve!

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Grilled Watermelon Slices

Summer Appetizers

Well, try this experiment on watermelon as it not necessary for you to eat it raw. Cut the watermelon into small slices about one inch thick. Coat them all in olive oil and sear them on a hot grill pan with each side cooked for about two minutes. For the presentation, add crumbled goat cheese to every slice and sprinkle pepper and salt over it. You are done!

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