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Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Beautiful Cities in the world

Europe has the honor to have all the admiring and beautiful cities in its hands as ever. Everybody has their perspective about the beauty, but only these mentioned cities hold the top three positions according to the standard definition of “Beautiful Cities.” Venice, Paris, and Prague rank for the top three positions for its arts, beauty, buildings, culture, and traditions. Do want to see the most beautiful cities in the world.

Venice The City of Boats

Beautiful Cities Venice, Italy

The most popular among the tourists all around the world, Venice has always been the most beautiful city in the world. It covers the marshy Venetian Lagoon which brings a different charm to the whole of the city. The Lagoon stretches along the shoreline, giving an artistic touch to the architecture efforts of this town.

This Venetian Lagoon is not only increasing the charm but also is a source of fame to the city. It was also honored with the award of “The world heritage site”. Venice being a romantic city is also historically favored for its work-of-art buildings. It is also known by other names like La Dominante, Serenissima, Queen of the Adriatic, City of Water, City of Masks and City of Canals.


The city also gives a huge supply of silk, grain, and spice commerce. Art is very influential on the people and tourists of this town. Commerce and prominent art gave hipe to the Venice city and made it wealthy as well.

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Paris The Most Romantic City

Paris-beautiful City

Paris is one of the most attracting and eye-catching places. Every year thousands of tourist and visitors come to see the great square, the Seine and the streets of Montmartre. This city also has a great charm due to its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Some places like Walled cathedral cities are also giving a historical touch to the Ville of Paris.

Paris-beautiful City

There are also few memorial monuments which make us nostalgic like The Eiffel Tower, which is combined with Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. Paris was a prominent place and was regarded for many years because of it the international center of arts, history, and painting. Paris is famous for its being the international capital of style. Just for window-shopping thousands of fashion lovers travel miles to come and visit this place. Paris is world’s most romantic city.

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Prague The Historical Beauty


Prague is the most beautiful and a huge attraction for the tourists all around the world. The hot summer increases the charm and fame of the historical monuments which are tremendously preserved. Different places like Vltava River, Charles Bridge and the incredible beauty of this land “Old Town Square” put a significant role in building its image worldwide. Another interesting fact about this city is that its “World’s 14th-Largest City” in the European Union. It is also the capital of Bohemia.

Prague-beautiful City

Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque eras styles are the themes of all the Monuments, buildings and museums architectures. It is the reason that why you feel nostalgic when you walk through the Alleyways and Cobbled Streets. Prague Castle, The Charles Bridges, The Jewish Quarter, The Lennon Wall and Petrin Hill are giving live to this city. There are beautiful museums, cinemas, theaters and galleries present on almost every street.

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