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Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Peaceful Muslim Countries In The World

Peaceful Muslim Countries

Peace is the only thing individual demands to stay in any country but with the passage of peaceful time becomes rare on the only living Earth in the universe. It is not only in the developing countries but it also most developed countries like USA and Russia.

All the crime and terror activities are still unknown, and it might not be possible to expose them. The factor of this is made each country more dangerous. Being damn honest, Islam is currently covered with many sorts of controversies in contemporary arena. The unstable Muslim countries have done much to depict the Umma as lying on your front to violence even though the fundamental problems in these regions are more.

It is the time when we give the impression of discus to some of the most peaceful Muslim countries because at this period most of the Muslim world is embroiled in conflict from the Arab Spring to the ISIS agenda.

Here is the list of;

Ten most peaceful Muslim countries in the world

1- Kuwait


Kuwait is an Arab state on the Persian Gulf. Failaka Island is one of the offshore islands that is located in Kuwait. Other than Kuwait city has the one modern Capital, home to the National Museum and Tareq Rajab Museum.

Every year Kuwait has a huge number of visitors. Its population is divided into two part; 60% population belongs to Sunni sect, and 40 % is a Shia sect. Both play a real role in its citizenry and living peacefully and manage well to avoid the conflict.

2- Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the more famous peaceful Muslim countries in the world due to 90% Muslim population. It is the nation that involved the lesser religious conflict as compared to the other countries of the world or Muslim countries. 13% Muslim population of the entire world is living in the Indonesia. In reality, it is a constitutionally secular nation, and almost the most population of Indonesia belongs to the Sunni sect.

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3- Jordan

Jordan is an Arab country on the east bank of the Jordan River. It is defined by ancient monuments, seaside resorts and nature reserves. It is home to the well-known archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean Capital dating to around 300 BC.

95% population of its total population belongs to Sunni Sect. Jordan’s constitutional grants of liberty regarding religion have put a good global idea. It has real human rights evidence and few reports of conflict.

4- Morocco


It is a North African country that is located in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its, Berber, European cultural and Arabian cultural influences, it is more distinguished. Its capital city Rabat’s Kasbah of the Udayas is a 12th-century royal fort overlooking the water.

It almost all population belongs to Sunni sect. It is another peaceful Muslim country, although it is involved in some conflict such as the 1st Gulf war as part of US-led. Thereby, it is a peaceful country in the Muslim world which has no civil violent conflict history.

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5- Mayotte


Mayotte was founded in 1974 and located in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the Coast of Mozambique. Mayotte is a region and department of France, and its population is called French citizens.

It’s traditional cultural usually most close to the neighboring Comoros Islands. This island has sheltered a lagoon and maritime reserve popular with divers. 97% population of Mayotte is Muslim, other 3% Christians community is also live here with peace.

6- Maldives


Maldives is a South Asia country that is located in the Indian Ocean. It is Islamic region and ahs 98% Muslim population. A Sunni sect of Islam is more dominant to be specific. As citizenship of Maldives, you must have to accept Islam first. According to history, it was entirely a Buddhist nation by the 12th century and after that Islam was entered. There was an endeavor to overthrow the Government in 1988, but this was thwarted by the attack of the Indian Army but has since it lived in peace.

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7- Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

No doubt in it, Saudi Arabia is a very peaceful country over the global. Recently it fights the war with Oman and Yemen, but overall it is peaceful. It is the home of two most sacred Masjids Mecca and Medina where Multi-lack people are visited every day, and many million of pilgrims are going to perform the Hajj every year. It has been a 97% Sunni Muslim Population and remaining Shia Muslim.

8- Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a South Asia country, east of India on the Bay of Bengal and it is lush with green trees and many beautiful waterfalls. It has three big rivers names the Padma, Jamuna, and Meghna that create fertile alluvial plains and travel between them by boat is common.

Bangladesh is situated in the neighbor of significant Islamic nation Pakistan that is severely affected by terrorism activities, including the religious disturbances, but here is everything lesser that it. Its 98% population belongs to Islam.

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9- Algeria


It is a North Africa country that located in Saharan desert and Mediterranean coastline. A lot of empires have left legacies, such as Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza. Other than that, Algeria played one of the bloodiest anti-colonial struggles against the French in its past, thereby, it is still peaceful country. It has 98% Muslim population and most belong Sunni sect. Other big community also belongs to Sufi adherents.

10- Turkey


It is a first Islamic country that is the member of the European Union and straddling western Asia with cultural associations to Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Persian and Byzantine. However, there is a short period of violence in particular between the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê) and the Government separatists who have turned up an indentation recently with the suicide attack that proverb a 100 killed in a bomb blast. Its 98.5% population is Muslim and material attach with the democratic government.

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