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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Krill Oil

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Krill Oil

Many health conditions benefit from krill oil. We have presented them in detail in the list below. Before we move on the list, however, let’s see the reason why krill oil is the necessary addition to anyone’s diet.

There has been plenty of research where scientists have discovered just how good and integral krill oil is for your health. The reason why krill oil is so good for you is based on numerous factors, mainly because of the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA, called phospholipids in medical terms. These phospholipids are turned into a high absorption form by the incredibly powerful antioxidant astaxanthin.

Why are Phospholipids So Important?

Why are Phospholipids So Important

The phospholipids are important because they are an integral element of every cell membrane. This makes them necessary to our health because it is the cell’s membrane that determines whether nutrients or toxins go inside the cell, and the membrane also controls what goes out of the cell through osmosis. So the main benefit from omega-3 EPA and DHA is that they quickly turn into phospholipids when absorbed into the body, and as such, they increase the quality of the membrane. In a recent interview with management, they said “The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil need to be transformed into the body after consumption, but with the omega-3 fatty acids found in krill oil, no transformation is required, as they are already transformed. This has made scientists believe that the krill oil omega-3 fatty acids or phospholipids might be the key to plenty of known afflictions, some of which are known to be incurable.” Click here to read surprising differences between krill oil and fish oil.

Despite this, scientists have mostly focused on four areas of research: cardiovascular benefits (especially since omega-3 phospholipids have been proven to lower the bad cholesterol), joint health (which has proven krill oil to be highly effective in patients with arthritis), as well as brain health and mood disorders. The results of the research studies have shown that there are more than 10 health conditions that can benefit highly from krill oil, but we have focused on only 10 below.

1. Cardiovascular Health Krill Oil Benefits

Krill Oil Arthritis Benefits

Using krill oil once daily with a meal will make sure your heart and body enjoy the benefits of increased level of HDL – good cholesterol, up to 59%. Additionally, krill oil will lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol by an astounding 39%, and will reduce the number of triglycerides in your blood up to 26%. In short, krill oil might be able to increase life expectancy, for many years.

2. Krill Oil Arthritis Benefits

Cardiovascular Health Krill Oil Benefits

The two omega-3 phospholipids in krill oil, EPA, and DHA help with joint function and improve general mobility in any person. But it is especially useful for patients that suffer from arthritis and the accompanying pain in the joints, because of the phospholipids’ lubricating properties. Patients taking krill oil supplements have reported an up to 30% reduction in joint pain, which means that arthritis patients can stop taking so many painkillers to deal with the pain.

3. Diabetes Krill Oil Benefits

Diabetes Krill Oil Benefits

Krill oil is great at lessening the triglycerides in the blood and lowering the level of bad LDL cholesterol, but it is also effective at reducing the levels of other lipids and glucose in the blood. This is imperative for patients that suffer from diabetes – especially since diabetes causes problems with inflammation in the cardiovascular system, joints, and the brain. The astaxanthin antioxidant helps with these conditions, and the omega-3 phospholipids help with the glucose level in the blood, making krill oil integral to a diabetic person’s diet.

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4. Weight Loss Krill Oil Benefits

Weight Loss

Krill oil is very effective for weight loss. Krill oil improves the body’s glucose metabolism and helps battle the most common metabolic problems. The metabolism is regulated by the thyroid gland. The omega-3 phospholipids will aid in regulating the thyroid gland, as well increase the thyroid hormone that signals the pathways in the liver, enhancing lipid (fat) metabolism. When both the blood sugar and lipid metabolism is regulated, you will no longer be able to overeat. Krill oil helps with weight loss from exercising aspect because it allows your muscles and bones to handle workouts which might be more intense than before because it lubricates the joints and benefits the muscles.

5. Krill Oil Skin Benefits

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Considering that the omega-3 phospholipids and the astaxanthin antioxidant found in krill oil benefit all cell membranes, krill oil have become very efficient in keeping the skin moisturized, free of dead skin cells and it improves the overall elasticity of the skin.

6. Eye Health Krill Oil Benefits

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Improve your eyesight with krill oil. The eyes have plenty of nerve endings, and the compounds found in krill oil are known to be beneficial to the brain and central nervous system. The omega-3 fatty acids help the nerve endings, while the antioxidant astaxanthin aids and protects the eyes from UV damage.

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7. Alzheimer’s Benefits of Krill Oil

Alzheimer’s Benefits of Krill Oil

Getting older can have a great impact on the mind and the brain. But krill oil can slow down the process of aging, and help patients that suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, two far-reaching diseases that attack the brain. A research study from 2006 has shown that many elders who have a high level of DHA phospholipid in their blood have a 47% lower risk of developing all-cause dementia. Krill oil has also been proved to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s as well. This is a significant step forward in finding a cure or deterrent for these conditions.

8. Mental Health Krill Oil Benefits

brain booster food

The omega-3 phospholipids and antioxidants found in the krill oil have plenty of benefits for mental health problems. Krill oil can improve your memory, the overall health of the brain, and increase your focus and alertness. The DHA phospholipid is highly useful and imperative to the nervous system – in fact, lack of omega-3 phospholipids might cause your brain not to work well. With krill oil, you can become more efficient in whatever you do, and your memory will improve significantly with prolonged intake.

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9. ADHD Krill Oil Benefits

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Studies have shown that krill oil helps increase concentration in ADHD children and adults up to 56 percent. ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and has been closely linked to low levels of DHA phospholipid concentrations in the brain. In fact, what many people don’t realize is that the fat of the brain is mostly DHA phospholipid with the same molecular structure as the DHA phospholipid found in krill oil.

10. Krill Oil Depression Benefits


One of the causes of depression is presumed to be not having enough serotonin receptors in the membranes of the cells. According to numerous research studies, omega-3 phospholipid DHA can have the significant impact in the serotonin receptors, and help battle depression, mood swings, and other mood disorders.

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