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Top 10 Christmas Day Survival Tips

Top 10 Christmas Day Survival Tips

It is just great how much we eat on beautiful Christmas day and just don’t understand. Just think about how much and how many times you eat and grasp a handful of this or that. It is not good if you had eaten over.

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Here are my top 10 Christmas day survival tips for good health.

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  1. Start your day by putting your favorite eatables in the plate as some cashews, choc almonds, lollies, the little slice of Christmas cake and cover with glad wrap. Only eat these eatables all day and keep away from extra things.
  2. Eat less and eat healthily and don’t eat over just avoid extra things. Food is not everything at Christmas just enjoy with your family and friends all day all time.
  3. Keep in mind Christmas is just one day of the year so get pleasure from all day, but keep it in mind you will have to face the scales finally.
  4. Find some active opportunities to remain active all day. Take a walk after lunch, play games with your children, play a game of backyard cricket. It will help you to burn extra calories that you had taken all day.
  5. Keep away from overeating high-fat, extra sugar foods. It is superb to eat salads, vegetables, lean meats and fruit platters instead of sweet eatables.
  6. Don’t sit in front of the plates of Christmas treats instead sit with your back to the tasty food so you won’t overeat.
  7. Remain hydrated all day, drink lots of water so that you don’t confuse hunger with being thirsty.
  8. Keep tabs on the amount of high-calorie beverages and alcohol you drink.
  9. Spend, enjoyable time with your family and friends prepare healthy recipes that low calories and have an enjoyable time.
  10. And as a final point, if all else fails and you have eaten too much the most excellent thing you can do is to eat healthy eating as soon as probable. The longer you drag it out, the worse it will be.

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The way I see it you have two choices to deal with your Christmas festivities:

  • Try to choose healthy options
  • Just go for it and deal with the damage after Christmas. Which one will you choose?

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I hope you these tips will help you. Share it with your friends and family members. Remember to leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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