Look Slim in Saree

Tips to Look Slim in Saree

This post was contributed by guest author: Sayeri Bhattacharya

Sayeri is a passionate fashion writer with profound eyes on glamor world. Being an energetic soul her interest lies in traveling, books sport, and gardening. She loves designer ethnic attire and Sareez.com is her best choice.


Saree is one such outfit which is appreciated by all Women, and we exactly mean that. But there are handfuls of Women, who no matter how much seek for draping Sarees, don’t choose any option. Do you know the reason why? They are heavy. Yes, the stress of hectic lifestyle has taken its charge on them, and their grace is sometimes minimized due to this. Are you one amongst them? But hey, don’t worry. If you wear saree you look slim in Saree. Just because you have few more pounds on your body doesn’t mean that you can’t wear sarees. Various ways to look slim in Sarees:

Select the Correct Fabric

Select the Correct Fabric

You know all lean on your selection of fabric. If you choose the right material, you can appear to be astounding and can hide those extra pounds. Select some fabric like georgette, crepe or chiffon for they clinked to your body very closely and made you look graceful. Avoid cotton, go for some lighter one.

Choose Some Lighter Prints

Choose Some Lighter Prints

To look slim and slender in Sarees, you must select some lighter prints- glossy or smooth kind of embroidery and if for instance, it’s just a print, go for some small one.

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Select Shiny and Smooth Borders

Select Shiny and Smooth Borders

Have you ever noticed short height divas draping sarees with big borders? The divas or celebrities do carry the outfit very well, but sometimes they miss the point. If you are plump and short, go for narrow borders.

Put on Bright and Dark Shades

Floral Designs Sarees

Who doesn’t appear to be slim in black? Do you have knowledge why that happens? It is because of the color. If you select the perfect shades, you can surely look slim in sarees. Wear some bright shades like purple, black, etc. and you can see the difference yourself.

Drape it Well

Drape it Well

Draping is the important part of wearing a saree. Make sure that you drape your saree well. You shouldn’t tug in the entire drapes at one place unless you want to display an extra bulged out tummy.

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Long Sleeved Blouse

Colors Preferred in Bomkai Sarees

If you put on long sleeved blouses, you would look slim. We know you might love without sleeves or short sleeves blouses, but if you want to look slender in sarees, you would have to give up on that.

Saree has till now been one of the sexiest Indian outfits and no matter how much we let the western gowns and dresses open the way in the world of fashion, a beautifully worn saree is going to drop all the hearts at the end.

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