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Tips to Increase Conversion for eCommerce Website

Tips to Increase Conversion for eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website

Today, people are doing their shopping online now more than ever before. Statistics from Mintel show that 69% of adults in the US are connected to the internet & purchase products through eCommerce website at least once a week. This comparison is not proper to 2015’s 33% and 2014’s 24%, is a massive increase, and you can only conclude that in 2017 we shall see these numbers grow even more.

Therefore, any entrepreneur needs to position themselves in a way where they can capitalize on this opportunity as much as possible. Many online merchants have spent hundreds of dollars on display advertising, paid search campaigns or social media ads to increase their revenue and profitability. However, for many traders, this has not brought the desired effect to the business. This is not to say that these marketing strategies do not work. You will find that the big problem lies in the website itself.

Driving traffic to your site without optimizing it for conversion will not give you the return on investment you seek. The procedure for converting shoppers into buyers simply starts with a look at your home page. Assume that you are a customer and look at website home page, which is not making clear about products and payment security. Would it satisfactorily tell you what you are selling and would you trust the website with your credit card details? If not, it’s time to work on your site. Here are some of the best tips on how to increase the conversion on your eCommerce site.

1. Make Sure Your eCommerce Website Is Secure

Adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one such measure to increase the safety of your site. Many people, in fact, say that they leave a website if the connection is not secure. They do not know about SSL, but they recognize the green lock on your address bar that typically denotes there is a secure connection. For an e-Commerce website, highly preferable SSL Certificates are EV SSL Certificate or Wildcard SSL certificate as EV SSL Certificate provides you highest assurance, green address bar and protection from phishing too. Whereas Wildcard SSL Certificate helps to secure main domain & it’s unlimited sub domains which makes certificate management easy. Apart from that, you can also add trust seals such as Norton or Symantec safe or incorporate secure payment options such as PayPal. Different cheap SSL certificates are going in SSL industry that can make your website safe with modern algorithms.

2. Use Customers Reviews to Your Advantage

Statistics show that 61% of clients read product reviews before they make a purchase decision. With such numbers, we can see that reviews are an integral part of any e-commerce. Reviews are beneficial to the business because they show credibility for your goods and services. The more likely your products seem the more open your potential clients will be.

Reviews are important because they give the business direct feedback from the customers. Their reports can show you what to improve and show you what the customers loves the best part on your website and as such, you can capitalize on that raising your conversion rates.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is all about having enough flexibility in design. The design of the website should be able to cope with different rendering environments and give the best possible user experience to everyone regardless of what they are using to access your site. When people have a better expertise in an eCommerce store, they usually tend to buy. However, when a client struggles with accessibility, they often change their mind about purchasing something with increases cart abandonment.

Statistics have shown that consumers in the US with vision impairments have close to $175 billion in disposable income. This, together with eCommerce, is losing out £50 billion a year in the UK; entrepreneurs are not capitalizing a lot of money. By having your eCommerce website more accessible, you are creating a welcoming environment for people to buy.

4. Transparent Privacy Policy

Privacy policies can also be deal breakers for customers who want to purchase items on your e-Commerce website. Apart from privacy policies being a legal requirement, they can mean the difference between getting a client or not. It is important that customers know that you take their privacy very seriously. By assuring them that their information is safe, they can better trust your website and thus increase the conversion rate.

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While signing up to a site, people want a guarantee that the company in future would not send promotional emails to them. Once they have this certainty, they can confidently sign up to your website.

5. Return Policy

While shopping, customers want a product return guarantee, if the product is not matching with their expectation. It is a crucial part when selling online as it goes to build a level of trust between the customer and the vendor. To this effect, your return policy should be easy to comprehend and as straight up as possible.

Statistics from the Wall Street Journal show that 33% of purchases from online stores end up in return. This is why it is important to be as prepared for a return as possible as this is the nature of any business. The way a company tackles backs can go a long way in increasing their conversions. By having more extended recovery periods, being upfront about all the conditions and including testimonials from happily refunded clients, you can significantly improve your business.


By increasing your website’s conversion rate, you effectively increase your revenue stream together with the value of your site. With a good conversion rate, you can now focus on directing traffic to your site as each user now has a higher possibility of purchasing an item than before. When you have optimized your website for conversion, then you can scale your PPC campaign, use e-mail marketing for repeat sales and increase your investment in SEO without worrying that your money is going down the drain.

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