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Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

Tips for Glowing Skin in summer

Summer brings problems for skin, hair, and beauty. Most of the people’s skin dreads summer as much as they do. During summer their skins get scorched and give an ugly look which is tough to remove. The most well-known skin problem necessarily seen in the summertime is dehydration. Even oily skin can become dehydrated. There are a lot of tips for glowing skin in summer and gorgeous hair.

Aside from this, you can see the best face pack for glowing skin products that offer different companies. But mostly face pack is not best for skin. So, you should avoid using such type of goods that might be harmful to your skin or hair. Homemade masks for skin or hair are the best for you as compared to this. The most excellent and beneficial tips for glowing skin in summer, I’m exploring below for you.

A List of Tips for Glowing Skin in summer

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drink Plenty of water for freshness

Water is essential for the hair and skin care. In fact, it is the major integral of blood. It is the changeability of blood that helps in conveying nutrients, oxygen, and even trashes in the body. Our hairs take nutrients from the blood stream, and a proper blood circulation is essential for healthy skin.

70% of ours body is made up of water, and daily we should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water. This would meet the body’s water need and also retain the system red-faced of toxins and rubbishes.


Crush mint leaves and add the boiled water allow to stand in for an hour. When water is cool, add lemon juice, ice, and dash of honey to make the refreshing drink. You may combine a little bit of salt and pepper, but if you add rock salt or chaat masala, it is much better as compared to salt and pepper. Mint is fresh and also aids digestion.

2. Drink Fresh Juices or Herbal Drinks

Avoid the all aerated drinks and try to drink fresh juices. Always try fruit juices should be taken freshly extracted and fluid with water. Different herbal drinks are best for summer because green drinks containing extracts of rose can also be made during summer. These are universal coolants and have been used since the ancient times.


In herbal drinks, add some lemon juice instead of the hot cup of tea drink it. You also take iced tea without milk by adding one teaspoon honey. Jal Jeera drink with ice can also be the beneficial drink for summer.

Watermelon is another real thirst-quencher during summer. Make its juice by adding one or two small chunks of watermelon, crushed ice, and lemon juice. You can also add one teaspoon of rose water for flavor.

3. Food Intake

Top 7 Reasons to Eat MORE

What do you eat for your skin and hair care in summer? Don’t use too many junks foods, snacks, and salty foodstuffs as salt can have a dehydrating effect on the body.


Eat high water fruits in your diet like cucumber, watermelon, oranges, and lettuce which provides you much anti-oxidants and nutrients. Add green vegetables to your diet plan as they help to improve the resistant system and reductions stress level in the body.

Note: if you are non-vegetarian, please try to avoid a lot of meat intake because it is tough to digest and raised the body temperature –result may lead to ugly pimples.

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4. Sunscreen

Always use a high SPF sunscreen that takes 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Sunscreen not only protect you from the sun also save you skin damaging and darkening, but will also defend you from harsh UVA rays that can prime to skin Cancer.


Reapply sunscreen after every two hours and use waterproof sunscreen and glasses. Try to stay Indoor 11 am to 3 pm as the sun rays are harshest during that time and leave adverse effects on your skin.

5. Exercise

Woman Jogging

Mostly people are not getting benefits of exercise. But tips for glowing skin in summer also include training. The daily workout will expand your skin pliability by providing decent superiority of skin. Exercise also increase the blood flow to the body and endorses supply of blood that offers the skin a natural and healthy glow. It helps to prepare rid of toxins and provides you glowing skin.


There is also help if you don’t have famine to do hard exercise. Only try to work out daily during the morning hours or evening.

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