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Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridal Jewellery for the Wedding Day

Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridal Jewellery for the Wedding Day

Adorning jewelry is not just a way to fancy the body, it’s a bold statement. You either do it, or you do not. There is no try. And when you do it right, you know you’ve stolen the show upfront. Those looks you get, all eyes glued to your enigmatic charm, that’s just what you want. Right?

Occasions such as wedding deserve something extra special. Right from makeup to dressing to doing the hair and of course jewelry, everything matters a lot. And to be synchronous with all of these key essentials is all the more necessary. You don’t want to overdo things, but you want to give your best. What’s needed is a clear image in the head of what style to go ahead with. While traditional wear is always an option, you might as well, blend things in a savvy way, such that your style becomes the real deal at the venue. Wouldn’t it be perfect that way?

Anyways, further ahead, let’s walk through some quality tips that you should keep in mind when preparing for the Wedding Day, irrespective of whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid!

Bride and Jewellery: A Tale Unmatched

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While preparing for the D wedding day, well, a bride gives all she’s got. Thus adorning great jewelry means a lot. How can we forget, it’s a once in a lifetime event after all.

Every bride dreams of looking ravishing on her wedding day, adorning the best bridal jewelry so that it adds an extra spark to her magnificence. And thus, every bride wants her jewelry to be stylish, to be one of a kind. Speaking of which, further ahead in this blog, I will give you tips to choose the right bridal jewelry that magnifies that your wedding glow implicitly.

Tip #1: Plan Things Before it’s Too Late

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One thing I’ve noticed, jewelry selection is time-consuming. Besides, one needs to be in the right state of mind, to make the right decision, when the time comes. And so, it’s always better to start planning what jewelry to wear when the wedding date is fixed.

You would need at least two months to make a fruitful decision. You would want to go through a gallery full of styles and designs, and you would want to be picky. In case you want to get something customized, you need time for that as well.

All in all, time is of the essence. Value it.

Tip #2: Set a Budget


Setting a budget is a very smart move, so to speak. Often, the process of purchasing jewelry is alluring, and you are often lead to the direction which says “out of the budget, better luck next time.”

Budgeting helps plan better. You get to choose from a variety of jewelry designs falling in your budget, and of course, you can try and test different styles falling in your budget. Be careful with that, I must say.

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Tip #3: Authenticity Matters, Don’t Make Foolish Purchases

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An authentic jewelry might offer you designs that might price a bit high than what random jewelers would offer. But when it comes to jewelry purchases, you shouldn’t take any chances. Make sure your purchases are hallmarked, you get the authenticity certificate and all necessary billing documents.
To name a few of the best jewelers in India, well, you may pay a visit to your nearest outlet of Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang, PC Jewelers, and Tanishq to get an idea of what designer items you might bag falling in your budget.

Tip #4: Make Sure your Jewels Match your Wedding Dress

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Don’t end up purchasing jewelry that eventually doesn’t go well with your designer wedding dress. I’d recommend that when you buy the wedding dress, at the same time, you start the jewelry hunt so that both your purchases are proportional to each other.

Tip #5: Choose Jewelry that can be Worn on other Occasions as Well

Online Jewelry Shopping is Right Way With Craze in India

Lastly, make sure you buy wedding jewelry that goes well on other occasions as well. You just don’t want those shimmery jewels to end up stored in your jewelry box, lying isolated in a dark corner of your safe vault.
Be mindful of your purchases. Invest on light jewelry that serves multi-purpose, something that you could wear on many occasions, as auspicious as the wedding day. Stay tuned for more mindful write ups on choosing the right bridal jewelry.

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