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Throw Attractive Candy Land Theme Birthday Party for your Kids

Throw Attractive Candy Land Theme Birthday Party for your Kids

If your kid loves to eating candy every time, candy themed birthday party is sure to delight idea to arrange the party. If you want a big smile on your dear child’s face, you should try this. But organizing candy themed party is not an easy task.

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You require a lot of knowledge about having candy themed party. For this purpose, we have brought the beautiful course of how to throw a candy party. Yes, it will become a great help for you. You will get an excellent guide to managing the party without any hassle.

Planning and Invitation

Planning and Invitation

If your child loves color feel the color in the party by throwing a colorful rainbow world in the party. You can make the creative world using colorful lollipops, candy bars, and chocolates.

You can make the personalized party sticker, custom candy bar wrappers, confetti for making beautiful invitation card. For proper planning of the party, you must have matching colored tissues, plates, cups, glasses. You must purchase or hire such kind of things from the supermarket. You will need cookie cutters, candy crafts, chocolate fountain, and cotton candy popcorn machine to for the proper management.

You can use the clean and shinier wrapper of the candy bars to write the useful information about the party. You can use rhyme or dramatic poetry and write this into the customized candy invitation cards.

For suggestions, you can follow many ideas. For example, you can insert the candy into the invitation card. Or you mail the party invitation you can wrap the party schedules around the candy bar. Keep in mind don’t use the candy that melts easily.

You can also plan a dress code for matching theme party. You must acknowledge the detail of dress code in the invitation card.

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Decorating and Food Ideas

Candy Land Party Décor

Candy land Party Décor

This is a candy themed party so you must give the perfect dressing of dinner table full of candy images. You can purchase the delicious chocolate plates, small to big candy bars & forestM’s candies and decorate the dinner table. Set up the Gumdrop Mountains, PeppeForest, gingerbread plum trees and many ideas you can take for painting the fantastic food world. You can also customize dinner plates with lollipops and colorful gems.

Candy Land Party Food

Candy land Party Food

Prepare some candy land themed food for the unique attraction. Cookie cutter will help you in making beautiful shapes. You can get the gingerbread man shape using the cookie cutter.

Use colorful fruits and veggies and get the rainbow image. Decorate the cupcakes with colorful candies. You can use whipped crème, cherry, gumdrops, peppermint sticks and other luscious candy bars decoration for the thoughtful party.

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Party Favors Ideas

Party Favors Ideas

You can make candy necklace and rings, candy crafts, lollipops, crayons with books, silly straws, cookie cutters, stickers, customized aprons and lot of other flavors for candy land party.

Games and Activities

Games and Activities

You can decorate the five candy land station coordinates each other. Make Peanut brittle house, Lollipop Woods, Gingerbread plum trees, Peppermint Forest and Gumdrop Mountains and give a name of each site.

Prepare one guide to give the full knowledge of each and every station. Kids can come to each location in 20 minutes, and it will take around 1 hours and 20 minutes to finish all stations.

You can plan the game and activities like edible “sand” art, Edible jewelry making, Candy airplane craft, Ice crème cone relay, and many other exciting games children would love to play.

Here are the useful tips for following candy land themed party. Give your party a colored and vibrant look via using these tricks. No wonder that this wonderland will become a dream come true planet for your kid.

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