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Things to Consider While Choosing a Content Delivery Network

Things to Consider While Choosing a Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is the fastest, quickest, smartest and latest technology that will help you to get your content in a quicker and safer manner. Suppose you call for a web product, say a web page or a document and the traffic is massive in your network or at the geographical place of yours. Then you will not be able to get the product on time! With increasing amount of traffic, the chance of losing data is visible and sometimes the fear of DOS attacks is also available. So you need to go for something that has the capacity of sending content to your place and at the same time that is not affected due to all of these things! Get your ideal CDN solutions from a service provider residing in your area!

What is the Technology?

The content delivery network is a P2P based technology. Here the service providers send applications such as portals, e-commerce, etc., downloadable objects such as software, media files, documents of your need, etc. and web objects like scripts and graphics to the end user for their use and as per the request is given by the end-user to the service provider or the CDN server. Here the end user pays money to the content developer company for their product. The content developer company pays the CDN provider in its region. The CDN solution provider pays the carriers and network providers for hosting their servers to the place of need. It’s a chain system that works best in this field.

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Features of CDN

Lost Data

Technology Bad effects

The chance of losing data in a network is natural and normal. You may get tampered data, and you need to deal with it! But with CDN solution, this problem is very much less in your region. CDN works as a network of substations, and when you call for something important, the host helps you to get connected to the nearest host of your region. The host will identify your IP address and will send a request to the nearest CDN server of your place. Now the server will get activated and will send the product you asked for. What if the nearest base doesn’t have the data you were looking for? Well, in such case either it will fetch the data from its nearest hub point, or another server with the data will come for your help!


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Traffic controlling feature in the content delivery network is high. Suppose you are fetching some files from a distant server, you may face a massive traffic! But when you are getting some information from a nearer place, you will not face any problem like this! Once the transaction route is small, the traffic will not be that huge. At the same time, as there are lots of hub ports available, they all together can serve faster avoiding the massive traffic of your network!

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Content Service Protocols

Hosted IP Solution

The ICAP or the internet content adaption protocol is one of the most popular content service protocols available across the world! OPES or the open Pluggable Edge Service is another robust technology that today’s generation is using. So lots of technologies are there, and it is your call that you want to work with!

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