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Things That Make You Look Manly in the Eyes of Women

Things That Make You Look Manly in the Eyes of Women

Some men know what women like about men’s appearance and behavior and turn this knowledge to their advantage. However, most guys don’t have the slightest idea of the things that women consider manly. Nothing can be sexier in men than their manliness which manifests itself in different ways, usually subtle ones and visible only to the opposite sex. Also, you can read about 12 signs of your partner’s real feelings. Wondering what those things are? Here is the list of them. How You Look Manly in the Eyes of Women??

1. Courtesy

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Women are proud to be with a man who is kind and polite not only to her but also to other people. If he always talks politely to waiters and other service staff, helps older people cross the street, and never acts condescending towards strangers, he is appreciated by women because this behavior is praiseworthy and manly.

2. Calmness

Men usually stay calm and don’t show their feelings.

While women get very emotional in stressful situations, men usually stay calm and don’t show their feelings. This calmness is something magnetizing and contagious that women find very sexy.

3. Passion

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If a man has a hobby and is passionate about it, this cannot but amaze a woman. Especially, if it’s genuinely manly hobby such as fishing, riding a motorbike, or playing football.

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4. Possessiveness

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There are two types of possessiveness: healthy and destructive. When a man says to his woman that he can’t even imagine her with anyone else or when he says “You’re mine” – that’s the display of moderate possessiveness which women welcome.

5. Sense of Humor

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Making women laugh is one of the most important tasks of every man. This is how women’s hearts are won. If a person possesses a terrific sense of humor and can joke on the spot and his jokes are gorgeous and witty, he is already considered mainly by women.

6. Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

An educated and intelligent man is associated with dependability. A woman subconsciously realizes that he will always find an appropriate solution to any problem and locate the answer to any question. By the way, women are consistently attracted to brainy guys.

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7. Assertiveness

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Another strong feature is persistence. The ability to set goals and do one’s best to achieve them is essential for both sexes but men it is a must. Regarding dating and relationships, women appreciate it very much (or want it to be this way) when a person doesn’t ask where she wants to go but directly says where they’re going tomorrow and at what time he will pick her up.

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8. DIY

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Women consider it very manly if a man can fix some broken home appliances, move the furniture, or just hang a picture. If a person doesn’t need outside assistance when it comes to some manual work, it means for a woman that he is dependable, and she can always count on him.

Apart from some personal characteristics, there are some elements of men’s appearance that women find sexy. For example, women like when men roll up their sleeves before they do something or just when they do it automatically at a workplace. Yes, they want to see men’s muscles. Two manly attributes which attract women’s attention are shiny shoes and a watch. Also, women just melt away when a man lowers his voice or half-whispers.

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