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Baby at the Age of One Year

Baby at the Age of One Year

First of all, I will say that the first year after baby born is the most challenging year of the baby, in this article The Year Ahead Age 1, I’ll explain many things about the baby. You have to take extra care of your baby on every second or minute. You cannot leave alone or go out quickly with your baby. I also have a 15-month-old baby. I have to become very responsible and to care for my baby. I cannot enjoy many days easily. I cannot sleep properly for many days but still I love my baby a lot. But now your baby is one-year-old. Now you feel little relax. You can sleep and enjoy a lot with your child and other family members. Many types of thing you will notice like physical development, expression, smile, etc. Now I will explain physical development, behavior, activates, sleeping schedule, diet chart of one year baby that are very useful for you and your baby.

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How Baby Smile at Age of 1 Year

Physical Development of Baby at the Age of one Year

  • Every child has different nature and different type of physical development. Some babies teeth at the age of six months. Some babies teeth at the age of one year. Some baby walks very early and some turn late. So doesn’t worry about these small changes these will settle according to the period? I will discuss the physical development of baby that happens.
  • At the age of one year, your baby can crawl in a right way and can walk with the support of furniture. You can help your baby in walking. Some children walk in a right way at the age of one year. Like my daughter walk at the age of one year in a right way. Try not to pick up your baby too much. Let him play and crawl with freedom.
  • Baby can sit and stand easily at the age of one year. Infect it become a god game for your baby to sit and stand again and again.
  • Turn the pages of the book the and enjoy it.
  • Your baby can identify and move different objects like he can identify ball may be it is far from him. He wants to catch the ball, express his emotions by joy and jumping. He can move his ball and other toys and play.
  • Bay can hold tightly different things. His/ her grip is so firm like if he catches you hairs then, it is tough for you to free from him. He grabs your cloth, toys, and colorful objects very firmly.
  • Baby can also try to claim up the stairs. At the age of one year to claim upstairs is become an attractive play for your baby. He enjoys too much to claim upstairs, so you have to become very careful when he is going near stairs.
  • Baby can play, push and kick the ball at the age of one year. Infect kicking the ball is a great pleasure for him, but first, you have to teach him how to kick the ball. My one year daughter kicks the ball in a right way because many times we play with ball together and then I teach them how to kick the ball.
  • Baby show his/her teeth. Some babies show his teeth earlier like in six months or eight months but some baby show late.
  • Baby can say a different small and cute word mama, baba, baby, dad dada, etc. you feel so happy to listen to these words. Encourage your baby by repeating his words. And talk with him. At this stage baby store all the words in his memory. So it is up to you how you want to make your baby intelligent.

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1 Year Baby Behavior

Behavior of Baby at the Age of one Year

  • The baby experiences everything that you do during the period of pregnancy and all your action and activates put a significant effect on baby behavior. It’s tough to understand the nature of baby for parents. But if you understand that will be helpful for you. Always be positive in front of your baby. He always copies you.
  • Mostly at the age of one year baby become upset when their parents leave him. This kind of behavior is typical at this age. When the parents leave or going anywhere baby cry and weep too much. Never leave or go anywhere by hiding yourself or when your baby is busy in any activity. In this way, your baby becomes so upset and anxious. To handle this type of situation you should make a routine when you leave your baby. Like you can teach him to say goodbye to his loved one or say goodbye kiss. If you follow up this type of routine, then your baby will understand that his parents have to go outside by leaving her/his to different tasks.
  • Your baby can understand the word “no.” When he do any evil thing, then ask him “no” and look at his eyes.
  • Make a routine of your baby and be restricted. It’s not mean that you punish your baby if he does not follow your role. If a baby does anything wrong then doesn’t look at your baby or leave him for some time. In this way, baby can understand that he has done something wrong.
  • Your baby wants to go outside with you and experience many things like dog, birds, and different baby. So you should go outside with your baby and play.

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Prepare Baby FoodDiet Chart of a Baby at the Age of one Year

  • Now your baby is one-year-old. He needs lots of vitamin, minerals, protein, and calcium in a huge way to develop. Introduce many solid foods item to your baby to develop his taste. Now try that your baby eats all the things that prepare for family
  • At the age of one year give cow or buffalo milk 2 or 3 times a day. You can add different flavor if your baby not like milk.
  • Always give fresh fruits and juices to your baby like mango, melon, banana, orange, peach, apple, etc.
  • Fresh vegetable like potato all type of green vegetable are best for your baby.
  • Use all type of pulses, nuts, egg and meat like fish and chicken, etc.
  • Avoid too much sugar, salt, chocolates, coffee, tea and other container foods.

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Baby Boy Sleeping a Good Sleep

Sleeping Schedule of Baby at the Age of one Year

  • Now your baby is one-year-old, and the most difficult task of sleeping have solved. Perhaps there are still some issues but you can solve it by applying different tricks such as shower, a story, message or any other song like you can make a routine of massage your baby and then wear his night dress daily before going to bed. Or Shower your baby daily or you can choose a song that you sing daily. Due to these trikes, your baby understands that it’s time to sleep not to play. In the early, you have to struggle but at last, you will get success.
  • You can also make a routine of storytelling.
  • Baby can sleep 13 hours in a day and night. Mostly baby can sleep a whole night at this stage. Now at this juncture, you can sleep whole night after a long time.

Brother Sister Playing with Water

Activates of Baby at the Age of one Year

  • At the age of one year, it tight keeps your child busy in some good activates. First, you should know likes and dislike of the baby then manage some activates. Some kids play any toys for some days or even one day then they even not see but some babies play a toy many days. It is the nature of baby
  • Bathing is mostly a useful and favorite activity of baby. Take a water tub with some toys and let them play in the water in your presence. Play with water is the favorite hobby of the baby.
  • Use kitchen ingredients like rice, boil an egg, wheat, pulses to play like add some of any component in any box with some small boxes and bottle. Let them play.
  • At night before going to bed, you should tell a story to your baby it’s very informative for her and increases vocabulary.
  • Hide and seek is also a favorite game of baby. Protect yourself in a bed sheet or behind the door then ask your baby to find. Baby enjoy too much.
  • Playing with color is also very favorite for babies. You can make homemade color quickly and then give color to your baby to play.
  • Give your different baby types of the pot to make noise. They enjoy it a lot.

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Babies are the great blessing of Allah. We should care and protect them also give them time and attention. So they can grow up in a god way. Please share your favorite trick regarding your baby.

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