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The Secrets of Dressing Stylish The Men Walk

The Secrets of Dressing Stylish The Men Walk

Did you ever see a guy looking stylish all the time, regardless of what he’s wearing? If yes, then it’s time for you start paying attention to details. We don’t ask you to hire a “fashion expert” to guide you on your dressing details, but the answer to above query is: understand the importance of details.

When you start paying attention to the minutiae of your outfit, you will just be another him! It’s pretty natural for someone to be born with the sense of style, but learning and grooming come from the same dictionary. You can dress up as who you want, and you can pull of anything-just with a little more effort to details.

Haven’t you seen those Hollywood heartthrobs pulling off their mix up and standing out? They are doing it with this simple rule, they have learned it, they have chosen their comfort zone, and now they are mixing and matching things.

We, here at J-bees fashion retailer want you in your best appearance, so we are giving you the 4 Secrets to looking Stylish-just read and follow:

1. Choose the Right Collar; A Collar Has to Go According to the Face

Choose the Right Collar

If Your Face is Wide

If you have a broad face, choose the collar that’s narrow. This will lengthen your face and will give you a sleek look.

If Your Face is Medium

If you have a medium face, choose the semi-spread collar. This collar type is classic and forms a perfect cradle for the tie knot.

If Your Face is Thin

If you have a flat face, choose the spread collar. This will strengthen your jawline.

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2. Let Your Tailor Understand Your Physique- Train Your Tailor

Dress According to Your Height

It’s imperative for you to pick a good tailor, someone who knows the cuts and angles and even the stitches. Let your tailor understand this and train him as per your body structure. Here’ what to ask for:

Strengthen the Silhouette

Your shoulder seam has to be exactly atop of your shoulders. That’s the first step for the perfect style.

The Sleeves Length

You have to show some hands, the length of the sleeves has to end at the crook of your wrist. You should be in sleeves that exposes a quarter inch of your shirt exposed. Another factor here is the cufflinks; you have to show some cufflinks to add the charm.

The Coat Length

Ask your tailor to keep the coat short. It should covering most of the bottom but shouldn’t hang loose on the thighs.

3. Dress According to Your Height

Tailor Understand Your Physique

If You are Short in Height, Then Pick One-Button Suit

A single button leaves the shirt exposed; that makes you look taller. The longer V on the chest (that’s exposed) will move your torso looking longer.

If You have an Average Height, Wear the Two-Button Suit

The simple truth here is, nobody looks bad in the two button suit. This choice can fulfill either or your desire, whether you want to look shirt or tall, you will achieve both. Keep this suit type your default one.

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If You are Tall, Wear the Three-Button Suit

Your cut here is, the big man in a small world. The longer the front panel, the shorter will be the vertical line coming from the collar. You will appear normal in height.

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4. Shoes-The Rescuers


Dry Your Shoes

Wipe your shoes with a clean cloth, leaving it wet will ruin the leather.

Stuff Your Shoes

Put crumpled newspaper inside your shoes; replace it with another newspaper when saturated. Repeat the same process until it becomes completely dry.

Condition Your Shoes

Rub them with an excellent leather conditioner.

We know that you might already be dressing yourself accordingly, but there might just be that one small factor that was missing. Follow the secrets and let yourself look stylish in your most simple suit as well. Another important element here is that it’s not the price that’s going to make your outfit look astonishing, it’s the proper tailoring and your confidence.

Key Note

Take a suit as an advantage given by God for standing out from rest of the crowd. You have to be perfectly smart for choosing something that has more leadership potential. Wear a tie! The tie will make the significant impact and will set you apart in a room or at a party.

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