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The Perfect Outfit for Baby Girls

The Perfect Outfit for Baby Girls

Your little girl has grown, no more a baby wearing rompers and baby frocks but a toddler. Yes, you can have as much fun putting together her wardrobe as you did when selecting her baby attire. Though a few rules change you can make The Perfect Outfit for Baby Girls, retaining the cute factor remains!!

Your baby girl is walking, running, climbing and now even insists that she do most of it by herself without much help from you. At this age mothers need to buy clothes that give room to their child for all her physical activities -that is the clothes that your child wears should not restrict her from doing the things that she enjoys doing.

Relax mommies! Unlike the baby boys, baby girls have seemingly endless options to choose from. You just need to understand what works best for your daughter is it the color, the style or the length and then play with it while choosing your kids to wear. Learn how to work with the necessary pieces.

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Sundresses are a must in every little girl’s wardrobe. It could be spaghetti or a tank-style bodice. A cotton sundress will keep your little girl airy, fresh and comfortable throughout the day. And yes, it does have a feminine feel to it making your precious one looking as beautiful as can be. You can choose from a large variety available in the market from solid colors, floral prints, and geometric prints. They come in a range of materials from pure cotton, stretchy cotton as well as jersey cotton. You can decide on the length you would want to go for. Ideally, it should be knee length or just fall below your child’s knee thus giving her mobility and comfort. Anything longer could hinder her movements, and she may even trip and hurt herself.

Baby Girl dresses

Preppy dresses which are more smart yet casual in nature are a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. They coulSine@tecd below waist pleated kids dresses, a-lines, tent dresses, etc.

Skirts, when teemed with Tees or blouses, look adorable on girls no matter what their age. These days elastic waist on most styles of dresses offer a comfortable and staple wardrobe choice for many. Since we are talking about the comfort of the child, the ideal style would be a gathered skirt rather than a proper one as it restricts her movements. The length could range from above knee, knee length to the midi style. You could choose from solid colored skirts to printed ones. Mix and match with a variety of tops from simple tank tops, printed or solid tees to pretty blouses. A solid tee will go well with printed skirts, and graphic tees will pair well with solid skirts. Choose a neutral-colored dress so as to match a host of different tee options like khaki or white skirts that go with a whole lot of colors.

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Jeggings/Leggings with tees are a must in every girl’s wardrobe. It just can’t get more comfortable than this. Leggings are beautiful in so many ways as they blend style and comfort in one clothing item. But Mommies, please bear in mind that they are NOT considered pants. So generally the rule is to pair them with long tops. You could choose from solid colors to prints like florals, but leggings in checks and stripes are totally preppy and high on style. You also get beautiful ones in lace too. Ideally, leggings should fall just above the ankle. Mix and match them with a type of long tops, tunics, high -cheap tees.

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Clothes for Baby Girl

Shorts with tees are very versatile and comfortable. A definite must have in every little girl’s wardrobe. If the weather is warm, a simple short with a funky tee is all that she requires while exploring in the park or for a play date with friends. As with the skirt, the elastic waist, and the adjustable waist is a boon to all parents. High on comfort, this piece comes in a variety of styles from pure solid and printed pull on cotton to structured linen shorts which are very chic! Denim shorts are a must have for its style and durability. Team these with just about anything like spaghettis, tanks, blouses for a comfortable look.

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Once your baby starts getting around on her own two feet, ideally in a protected environment like home, it is best letting her walk bare footed. Outside your child’s feet need to be protected. The best shoes for your baby are about function and comfort. Make sure you go to the store to pick out her shoes. Keep in mind that toddler’s feet grow quickly so measure it every six months. Make her try it on with socks if that is how she would be wearing them. Make sure your little girl’s toe is not bumping the inside of the shoe. There should be at least half an inch between her toe and the tip of the shoe. Don’t be tempted to buy too-big shoes as they could be hard to walk in and unsafe for your child. High fashion footwear could be adorable, but they are not the best/comfortable shoes for your baby.

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