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The Importance of Clean House for Healthy Family

The Importance of Clean House for Healthy Family

Clean and Neat Home

Why Should we Clean our House

The house is a place where all family members live, sleep, enjoy work and do many tasks. Infect home is heaven for us so we should clean and maintain our heaven. A home that is not clean properly actually is the house of bacteria and germs. Children, elders, pets, and elderly include in-house members. A dirty house will lead your family members to many diseases like allergy, sore throat, and a respiratory infection that is dangerous for their lives.

I don’t like a dirty house. I want in my home neat, clean and fresh all the time. Dust is a big problem now a day. In my point of view, it’s vital to keep your house neat and clean all the time. According to new research many people in America spent their 50% time at home and children spend their 90% time in indoor activities.

Clean and organize house is the primary need of every member of home, but in some stages, the situation becomes more critical regarding cleanliness and hygiene.

How to Clean Kitchen

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As children are spending their golden lifetime and them are growing and developing rapidly. They spend much time in indoor activities. They crawl on the floor, through their eatable things on the floor and eat them, put many things in the mouth like toys, block or anything that they have approached.

Due to all these reasons, if your house is dirty then there are lots of bacteria that cause many types of the disease also effect on the growth of children.

Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is also a very critical stage. Expecting mothers need more hygienic and more cleanliness than usual. Dirt, smoke, and bacteria are very harmful to developing a baby.

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As seniors become many weeks, so any bacteria affect their health very soon. Unhygienic floor, loose rugs, poor lighting, dirty washrooms are common factors that spoil their health badly.


Pet are your favorite, and you love them. Dirty and clean home are very dangerous for them because they eat many things from flour. Keep your floor clean and hygienic all the time.

How Can I Make My Home Clean

Cleaning Floor

Keep Your Home Dry

It’s essential to keep your home dry to save it from mold and mildew. Moisturisation also damages your home and health badly. Wood, floor, and wall to rot, the growth of bacteria are problems of moisture. Cracks and holes are also due to moisture where different insects live. Mold grows on ceiling, wall, carpet and furniture.

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Reason of Moisture in Your Home

There are many reasons of moisture like. Poor drain system in your home. It also comes with different equipment like an air conditioner.

How to Control Moisture in Home

If you feel any moisture, then quickly check your drain system may be it leaking. Try not to collect water on your roof. Try not to store water around your home. Open the window of bathroom and kitchen many times a day. It’s imperative that your drain pipe is being clean always.

Keep Your Home Clean

Scatted thing and the dirty house are the reason of many diseases for all your family member like children, pets, and expecting mothers. So it is very essential to keep your home clean and fresh all the time. Clean floor, room, sports always.

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Reason of Dirty Home

There are many grounds of dirty home like The children mess up many things, and they sometimes do urinal on the floor and many places of home. Pets also do the same things. The elders go outside and then they back with lots of dirt, bacteria, and germs. Poor cleaning system also is the reason of dirty home.

How Can I Make Home Free From Dirt and Bacteria

Best Way to Clean kitchen

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First of all, you should have leveled and the equal surface so you can clean it quickly. Save or throw all extra stuff for your home. Don’t enter the house with outside shoes. Fix an area for your pet and stay away, especially from your bedroom. Clean your home with proper way and cleaning schedule.

Clean Your Home Properly According to Schedule

You can make your home clean if you follow my program that is very easy to follow.

Daily Cleaning

On a daily basis if you are active regarding cleaning then your home will remain clean and free from bacteria Clean your kitchen table, stove, sink, pots, counter table daily with warm water and some soap. Keep your garbage basket cover all the time and empty your all baskets daily and wash them in a right way. You should clean your cutting board daily with hot water and soap. Clean your floor daily.

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Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean your all floor with water.
  • Clean all the dust and other things once in a week.
  • Clean your washroom, shower, and basin once or two times in a week.
  • You must wash your bed sheets with hot water once in a week.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Clean your wall, window and door. You should check any leakage of pipe and drain system.
  • Clean the refrigerator properly.
  • Clean all the equipment that is used for cleaning.
  • Wash all the certainty with warm water. Be careful about cleaning products. Cleaning products that are available in the market are full of chemicals that are not for your health. You should use some homemade cleanser to clean different things like

You Need

  • Dish Detergent (1tbs)
  • Borax (1tbs)
  • Lemon (1tbs)
  • Warm water (1 cup)

Mix all the ingredients and use to clean many things like dishes, sink, etc.

Homemade Toilet Cleaner

  • Take one cup baking soda and one cup vinegar.
  • Mix them and pour it into the toilet.
  • Leave it for some time and then scrub with the brush.

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Homemade Window Cleaner

  • Clean your window with vinegar and the combination of water.
  • Use newspaper for sparkling.

Homemade Air Freshener

  • Take baking soda and lemon and put them in small dishes on the smelly area.
  • It will observe all smell.

Benefits of Clean House

There are lots of benefits of clean and well organize home like

  • Straight bed sheet and pillow on their place gives you a great and clean look.
  • When your house is clean and organized, then you can do more tasks easily and will not tie.
  • You can handle and entertain your guest in a right way when your home is clean.
  • When your home is clean, and everything is available in their place, and then you can find things easily and quickly in seconds.
  • If your home is clean, then your children play well and enjoy more.
  • Clean and organize who make your husband feel safe and happy. He will forget all tension of all the day.
  • If your home is clean, then you want to do more extra creative for your home and kids.
  • If all the things are organized then the things will not be spoiled, and the dishes also not be broken soon and you aware of everything that is going to finish.
  • Clean home gives you better and calm sleep
  • When you wake up with a bed clean room and clean kitchen, then it’s a very pleasurable situation for you.

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In the end, I just want to say that clean home gives you a piece of mind. Try to use natural things to clean your home, thanks.

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