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International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)-Part 2

International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)-Part 2

This is the second part of my series I wrote for FIFA; it is called International Federation
of Association Football (FIFA)-Part 2. I will recommend you to read the previous one as well especially to the football lover as you must be crazy to know about that how it started and till now what happened in this international and famous tournament. To read others, click the links given at the end of this article. I am sure; you will like it. To read the previous one, click this link;

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Ronaldo Cristiano


FIFA decided to plan its worldwide event in 1928. FIFA president Jules Rimet thus set about organizing the inaugural World Cup tournament. Uruguay two-time official football world champions and due to celebrate their anniversary of independence in 1930, FIFA selected Uruguay to host the first World Cup. Total 13 countries took part in the first world cup, seven countries from South America, four countries from Europe and two countries from North America.
The first two World Cup matches took place concurrently and were won by France and the USA, who beat Mexico 4–1 and Belgium 3–0, respectively. Lucien Laurent from France was the man who scored the first goal in World Cup history. After four days, the first World Cup hat-trick was achieved by Bert Patenaude of the USA in the Americans’ 3–0 win against Paraguay. In the final, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4–2 in front of a crowd of 93,000 people in Montevideo and became the first country to win a World Cup.

A glimpse of the football match between Spain and Brazil in FIFA WorldCup of 1950

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FIFA named Italy as a host country for the second world cup in 1934, and it was the first World Cup having qualifying rounds. 16 teams qualified for the event; this number remained till 1982. 1930 titleholders Uruguay boycotted the 1934 World Cup due the poor European attendance at their World Cup in 1930. Bolivia and Paraguay were absent, allowing Argentina and Brazil to go to the finals in Italy without having to play any qualifying matches. Egypt became the first African team to compete but lost to Hungary in the first round. Italy won the tournament, becoming the first European team to do so.

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The third world cup tournament was also held in Europe in 1938, and the host country was France, much to the worry of many South American countries, with Uruguay and Argentina boycotting. Austria had officially qualified for the final round, but because of the Anschluss in April 1938 with Germany, the Austrian national team withdrew. England was offered Austria’s place, but they rejected. So this time 15countries were competing for the title. France hosted, but for the first time, the hosts did not win the event, as Italy held on their title, beating Hungary in the final.

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Cancellations due to World War II

Third FIFA World Cup was initially considered to happen again in 1942. Germany officially applied to host the FIFA World Cup 1942 on the 23rd FIFA Congress on 13 August 1936 in Berlin. In June 1939 Brazil also used to host the tournament. However, after the beginning of World War II, further plans for the World Cup 1942 were canceled, before a host country was selected. The contest did not happen.

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The players are playing with full concentration in the football match of FIFA WorldCup 1994

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The after effects of World War II also caused the abandonment of the 1946 world cup competition.

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