The Elegant Bomkai Sarees

Bomkai Sarees

Indian sarees are ever beautiful and classy. Over the centuries, they have retained their charm with different varieties to explore in them. Beautiful sarees are the final choice of Indian women for festive occasions. Traditionally, many techniques and styles have evolved the beauty of Indian sarees. Bomkai is also an ethnic art emerging from the village in the same name from the western coastal region of Odisha state. This is a beautiful technique of saree weaving. It has the striking resemblance with traditional Ikkat Sambhalpuri sarees and Patola sarees. As such, precious elements of colors and intricate motifs are used in these elegant sarees. Historically, Bomkai sarees were produced only for the royals of this region. But with time, it has become the hot favorite of Indian women across the world.

1. Fabrics used in Bomkai Sarees

Fabrics used in Bomkai Sarees

Sarees designs in Bomkai are traditional and beautiful. Similarly, ethnic fabrics are used in making these Indian sarees. Silk and cotton are the materials commonly used for Bomkai sarees. Cotton is preferred for casual wearing whereas for weddings and festive occasions; you may prefer silk in these elegant sarees.

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2. Colors Preferred in Bomkai Sarees

Colors Preferred in Bomkai Sarees

Mostly, vibrant colors are used in these sarees. The standard colors in Bomkai are red, blue, white, and green. These colors accentuate the beauty of these traditional sarees.

3. Sarees Designs in Bomkai

Sarees Designs in Bomkai

Elegant sarees designs and motifs are used in these sarees. Most of these motifs are inspired by the traditions and culture of Odisha. With their subtle color palette, these sarees exude poise with their elegant designing. There are varieties of motifs used in their design. Different patterns of warp and weft are utilized in these sarees. While the thread is restricted to borders, the weft is preferred on pallu and rest of the sarees.

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4. Motif Preferred in Bomkai Sarees

Motif Preferred in Bomkai Sarees

Traditionally, tribal motifs inspired from Khandagiri caves of Odisha are very familiar in these sarees. Other preferred themes include small hourglass shaped drum, rukha or pestle, karela or bitter gourd, fish, peacock, conch shells, Konark Temple, kanthi phoola or beautiful flowers in small size. The most commonly preferred motif in these sarees designs is Mitka Panji. It involves latticework in a shape of mall diamonds all over the saree. Each of these patterns is incredibly beautiful and artistic.

You can easily find many varieties of Bomkai sarees with prices on leading online stores. These stores sell different designs in Bomkai sarees with prices that are reasonable and genuine. You can buy these sarees for any festive occasion. They are everlasting in their appeal and understated with subtle patterns. As such, you will enjoy online shopping for Bomkai sarees with prices!

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