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The dangerous effects of gymnastics

The dangerous effects of gymnastics

Gymnastics Kids Moves


Gymnastics is a highly demanding sport. Children get inspired and aim to become the Olympic Gymnastics Champions but as a fact, few actually make it to the end. The advanced level of training children is very dangerous and extremely damaging. It requires maximum time of your life which make the children to give up of other prospects of their lives. In developing children, it can become a serious problems with every passing year.

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Stunted Growth

Girls practicing gymnastics face the issue of delayed puberty. These girls get their periods lately. Boys and girls suffer from poor growth due to the extreme hours of training, excessive diet and highly stressed practice that is associated with gymnastics.

Gymnastics Kids Moves

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Eating Disorders

The coaches pressurize their team members to lose weight especially young women. the chubby body is undesirable and discouraged in this sport. In result, girls develop poor eating routines which seriously cause them damage such as Bulimia and Anorexia in the process of losing weight. Other diseases which can be caused to an athlete are endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory and other problems.

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Gymnastics is a highly-rated sport for bringing damages for its player. One wrong can move can spoil the complete life of a person. Broken bones and muscular pull is commonly found among these gymnastic players. These Broken bones can even stop the growth of a child like when the children break bones along a bone’s growth plate, the bone may stop growing further. The bones which do not heal properly can cause crooked postures like difficulty in moving and long-term pain.

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Psychological Problems

GymnasticS Moves

The demands and trends actually pushes the participants to achieve the perfection at any cost which actually lead a gymnast to depression. As the sport is very time-consuming, almost all of the gymnasts become isolated from friend and family as they do not have enough spare time to spend. The highly-demanding, aggressive training methods used by different coaches at different levels of training affect negatively on child’s self-esteem. Some of the children make compromises on their studies to pursue gymnastics


All these points and details given above is for the awareness before taking the decision for your child as their future firstly depends on you. The decision in this favor can leave worst effects on a child’s education and future career prospects.
Parents should allow only the moderate involvement of a child in gymnastics such as taking a class, training a few hours in a week and make them learn gymnastics by keeping them among friends.

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